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Mirage Case Study

Mary Elizabeth Hammond
Mary Elizabeth Hammond
August 31, 2023

Mirage Law, a real estate and business law firm, searched for an easy-to-use, affirm payment solution to track billable time, bill more hours, get paid quicker, and enhance their client experience. What did they land on? LawPay Pro.

We recently sat down with Ariel Moss, Attorney and Foundering Partner of Mirage Law, to hear about the firm’s experience implementing and utilizing this new technology.

Why LawPay Pro?

With various legal payment platforms out there, Moss was on the hunt for the best fit for his firm. He comments, “Looking at LawPay Pro versus looking at the other legal practice management solutions, LawPay Pro was a lot more simple and had exactly what we needed to be able to function as a law firm.”

He goes on to explain, “We wanted to partner with a company that was known in the legal industry. LawPay Pro has great features for our firm, great customer service, and a track record like no one else.”

It was clear Mirage Law needed more than just a payment solution. They needed a tool that could streamline an invoicing and billing system. And LawPay Pro gave him just what he was looking for without unnecessary and pricey features.

He explains, “Using a platform that’s tailored to exactly what we need allows us to quickly collect bills and not worry about invoicing and other related matters.”

When adopting LawPay Pro, Moss exclaimed, “Incorporating LawPay Pro into our practice was a quick and easy process. We immediately started, and within minutes, we were able to send out our first bill. It was very intuitive and user-friendly.”

The Benefits

Automate Billing and Invoicing Processes

“LawPay Pro has turned our invoicing process from a headache to a breeze, letting us focus on winning cases instead of focusing on numbers.”

When it comes to billing and invoicing, Mirage leans on LawPay Pro to collect payments quickly and provide a smoother client experience. Moss commented, “The invoicing has made the bill collection a lot easier on the clients because it's a one-click pay.”

With LawPay Pro, you can easily add new clients and securely store their information for future billing. Utilizing this stored client data, LawPay Pro auto-populates invoices and automates billing—relieving Mirage Law of hours of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Additionally, Moss says, “LawPay Pro also sends out a reminder to our clients when they have a bill that they haven't paid yet. That allows us to get paid a lot more efficiently as opposed to manually having to go remind them ourselves.”

Time Tracking

“With LawPay Pro, we're not just tracking time. We're making the most of it.”

Streamlining time tracking, billing, and invoicing all in one place allows Mirage Law to easily capture billable activities and ensure every billable hour gets invoiced. Moss elaborates, “LawPay Pro’s time tracking software has allowed us to track each of our billable events a lot quicker and easier, all in one place.”

Higher Collection Rates

“Using LawPay Pro has allowed us to take on more clients and bill events that we typically wouldn't be able to bill for.”


With LawPay Pro, Mirage Law has been able to “raise [their] collection rate a lot higher.” Once billable time is captured, it can be automatically invoiced and sent out to clients. Then with one-click payment links, getting paid becomes a quick and easy process.

Create a Profitable Law Firm With the Right Tools

Utilizing the powerful capabilities of LawPay Pro, Mirage Law has been able to provide seamless, simple payment options for their clients, get hours of their day back, and log more billable hours. Interested to see what your firm can accomplish with LawPay Pro? Request a demo today.