Providing attorneys with comprehensive financial support

LawPay and Kahuna Accounting have teamed up to help you take your practice to the next level.

Lawyers know that they can count on LawPay to handle their trust and operating accounts correctly, and can accept online payments with confidence.

By combining industry-leading bookkeeping and accounting services with the most trusted legal payment solution on the market, your firm will be set up for success.

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Optimized Accounting Solutions for Your Law Firm

Kahuna Accounting provides optimized bookkeeping and accounting for entrepreneurial, future-focused law firms. By partnering with LawPay for easy and secure online payments, Kahuna offers firms the tools they need for financial success and an optimized practice.


High-Level Business View

Understand where you are, where you want to go, and how you will get there with strategic financial clarity. Make optimized decisions for the current and future success of your practice.

Drive Growth

You are not just a passenger in your own business—you need to drive. Numbers can provide you the clarity you need to drive growth as it aligns and coordinates with your firm’s vision and goals.

Maximize Profitability

Here's a secret—optimized accounting leads to optimized results, including maximizing your profitability for more cash in the bank.

Trust a Proven Payment Solution

LawPay was developed specifically for attorneys, with correct separation of earned and unearned fees and protection of IOLTA accounts.

How LawPay works for your firm

The proven online payment solution for lawyers

  •  Straightforward, competitive pricing
  •  No set-up or cancellation fees
  •  No equipment or swipe needed
  •  Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  •  Expert in-house support
Laptop showing partner technology

We were so impressed with the support and technical specs built in for trust accounting, we actually chose to use LawPay for our own internal payment processing. Our ability to efficiently support lawyers using LawPay is significantly improved. The potential risk for compliance errors using any other traditional payment processor is much higher.

Andy Peterson
Director of Operations