LawPay and Kahuna Accounting offer attorneys comprehensive financial support

Together, Kahuna and LawPay offer an excellent accounting solution for small law firms. Legal professionals know they can count on LawPay to handle their trust and operating accounts correctly and can confidently accept online payments.

In Partnership with LawPay:

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Optimized Accounting Solutions for Your Law Firm

Kahuna Accounting provides optimized bookkeeping and accounting for entrepreneurial, future-focused law firms. By partnering with LawPay for easy and secure online payments, Kahuna offers firms the tools they need for financial success and an optimized practice.

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Accounting for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Kahuna Accounting was intentionally created and specifically designed to serve growth entrepreneurs and professional practice builders and work across all 50 states in multiple niche practice areas.

Enhanced payment compliance

LawPay and Kahuna Accounting work together to ensure firms accept and reconcile payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

Time saved for small firms and solo practitioners

With LawPay's easy-to-use platform, legal professionals can streamline time-consuming billing processes and easily accept clients' payments.

Trusted Payment Technology

LawPay is a vetted and recommended member benefit for all 50 state bars, more than 70 local and specialty bars, and the American Bar Association.

How LawPay works for your firm

The proven online payment solution for lawyers

  • Straightforward, competitive pricing
  • No set-up or cancellation fees
  • No equipment or swipe needed
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
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We were so impressed with the support and technical specs built in for trust accounting, we actually chose to use LawPay for our own internal payment processing. Our ability to efficiently support lawyers using LawPay is significantly improved. The potential risk for compliance errors using any other traditional payment processor is much higher.

Andy Peterson
Director of Operations