Legal Compliance Software Built for Securing IOLTA Compliance

Unlike most payment providers, LawPay helps you adhere to attorney trust account rules.

You've worked too hard to jeopardize your firm with trust account noncompliance. You've worked too hard not to use LawPay. LawPay was the first online payment solution developed specifically for lawyers. Not only does LawPay prevent commingling of earned and unearned funds, it also protects your trust account against any third-party debiting—ensuring compliance with ABA and IOLTA account rules.

Enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with using a payment solution developed exclusively for law firms.

Trust accounting experts

Every good relationship is built on trust. Your colleagues trust you to be informed. Your clients trust you to do what's best for their case. You should be able to trust your payment partner to understand IOLTA account guidelines.

We built LawPay with input from bar association partners and their ethics committees to ensure all credit card, debit card, and eCheck payments are processed in compliance with attorney trust accounting rules. We know there are serious consequences for trust account violations, which is why we're committed to keeping you compliant.

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How we ensure IOLTA account compliance

We keep earned and unearned funds separate

LawPay gives you the ability to connect both your trust and operating accounts to your LawPay account, which means you never have to worry about commingling of funds.

You receive 100 percent of your deposits

Most payment processors debit processing fees before depositing funds in your account, putting you at risk of a trust account violation. With LawPay, however, the full payment amount is deposited. At the end of the month, we debit your operating account for all processing fees incurred that month. We never debit your trust account.

We prohibit third-parties from debiting your trust account

Funds in your trust account are legally protected from all third-party transactions. We don't allow debits from your trust account at any time for any reason—including client disputes and chargebacks.

"I would rather use LawPay than any other competitor because they understand the practice of law and the rules I'm required to follow as a lawyer."

- Jeff Freeman, Freeman Tax Law, Founding Partner

Resources for your firm

See why 45,000 law firms count on LawPay to make trust issues non-issues.

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