Reliable and Secure Credit Card Storage

With Card Vault from LawPay, you can securely store your clients’ preferred payment methods and easily make charges to your trust or operating account without adding to your PCI requirements.

Safely request and store client payment method details


Store multiple preferred payment methods for each client, including credit, debit, and eCheck.


Collect payment method details and authorization forms directly from clients with our Request Card feature.

PCI Compliant

Keep client payment information on file without increasing your PCI compliance obligations.


Make it even easier to securely accept future payments from clients

Card Vault helps ensure you receive payment by allowing you to make charges on new invoices without having to re-collect or reenter a client’s payment information.

Quickly add payment methods and recharge cards at any time

Add new contacts and save payment method(s) without having to complete a transaction first. Once a payment method is stored, you can charge or recharge it with just a click.

Keep payment method details hidden and encrypted

For additional security, the Request Card feature allows clients to enter their own payment information and ensures no one at your firm ever sees the card or account number.

Easily request authorization to save payment method(s)

Use Card Vault to send clients a payment authorization form so you can have a signed digital record of their approval to keep their payment method(s) on file.

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