Comprehensive Legal Billing Software Built for Law Firms

Introducing LawPay Pro—the only tool you need for legal billing. Get all the billing, invoicing, time and expense tracking, and payment features you need in a single comprehensive solution, designed specifically for law firms.

Legal Billing Software Benefits

Reduce Administrative Hours

Streamline and automate the busywork of billing and invoicing tasks and give your law firm hours of the day back. Automate the non-billable administrative tasks and focus on what you do best—practicing law.

Increase Collection Rates

Automate your invoicing and watch your incoming payments soar. With LawPay’s law firm billing software, you can rest assured that every billable minute is accounted for and invoiced. Plus, you can automate payment reminders on unpaid invoices.

Get Vital Billing & Invoicing Insights

Make informed decisions with a complete view of all invoices, accounts receivables, trust account balances and activity, and team productivity. Plus, the invoice dashboard gives you a clear, intuitive view of all invoice statuses and time-tracking goals.

Law Firm Billing Software Features

What used to take hours can now take minutes with LawPay Pro. Reclaim billable time by streamlining your billing and invoicing processes.

Create and Send Custom Invoices

Automate invoice generation and send invoices with direct online payment options to clients via email or text.

Send Trust Requests

Send clients a request to add more funds directly into trust accounts when balances get low.

Track Time and Expenses

Ensure every billable minute is accounted for with timers and prompts to track time when you log a call, send an email, save a note, or upload a document.

How Our Clients Win With LawPay Pro

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