Frequently Asked Questions

Explore this page for answers to the most common questions about LawPay. For additional information, contact our in-house payment experts for friendly, personalized support.

General FAQ

How does LawPay work?
What is the difference between LawPay Classic and LawPay Pro?
How much does LawPay cost? What are the billing cycles?
What are the benefits of LawPay?
Does LawPay integrate with the other platforms I use for my practice?
Can I use LawPay with QuickBooks?
How secure is LawPay?
How does LawPay protect my IOLTA account?
How do I sign up for LawPay?
Can I set individual user permissions?
How do your rates compare to my current processor?
Does LawPay work in Canada?
How do I become a LawPay partner?
Does LawPay work in Canada?
Does LawPay provide legal advice or representation?

Payment FAQ

What forms of payment can I accept with LawPay?
Can I accept payments via my website?
Is a terminal or special equipment needed for in-person payments?
Can I schedule future payments?
How long, after a transaction, does it take for LawPay to deposit money?
How do I access my monthly statements?
What is the maximum payment for LawPay?
Does LawPay store credit card information?
How much does LawPay charge for refund?

Billing FAQ

What type of billing features do I get with LawPay Pro?
Are these features available for everyone who signs up for LawPay?
Do I still get LawPay payment features with LawPay Pro?
Is LawPay Pro more expensive than LawPay Classic?
How do I create and send invoices with LawPay Pro?
How do I track time and expenses with LawPay Pro?
Can I see how LawPay Pro works before purchasing?