Scheduled Payments

The easiest way to ensure payment from clients is to set up transactions in advance. Scheduled Payments allows you to maximize cash flow by guaranteeing your clients’ invoices are paid. Payments are managed through LawPay’s proprietary card vault to maximize security and eliminate the risk from storing payment information in your firm.

Reap the benefits of reliable, on-time payments


After an easy one-time setup, watch payments roll in automatically—and stop chasing after invoices.


Plan ahead by scheduling a one-time payment or set up recurring charges for one or more clients.


Set up, track, and manage payments effortlessly within LawPay.

How It Works

Schedule payments in three easy steps

See how scheduling payments can help you maximize your cash flow and stay compliant in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Schedule

Set up a Scheduled Payment in seconds

Just enter a client’s credit card information, the amount you want to charge, and at what frequency. You can plan a one-time charge or schedule charges to repeat indefinitely or until your client has paid a specific amount.

Step 2: Track Payments

Easily check payment status and project cash flow

You can view all your scheduled payments from the Schedule tab, and see when your next payment is expected. You can even filter by active or completed payments to view your projected cash flow and make reconciliation a breeze.

Step 3: Get Paid

Watch payments effortlessly come in.

Sit back and let payments roll in. When transactions run automatically, you can spend less time chasing after unpaid invoices and focus more of your time on serving your clients and working billable hours.

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