Get Paid Faster With Our Legal Payments Network

The Legal Payments Network streamlines your payments with a network of multiple accounts payable vendors and thousands of banks. This ever-expanding network helps legal professionals get paid faster, experience easier reconciliation, and accept more secure payment methods, including virtual cards.

Legal Payments Network

Get paid faster, easier, and more securely


Access the Legal Payments Network free with your LawPay account - without extra fees or a time-consuming set-up.


A network of accounts payable vendors, bill pay capability through thousands of banks, and automated virtual card payment processing create a streamlined payment experience.


Minimize risk and increase profits by guaranteeing funds before they're withdrawn from the client's accounts.

How it works

Expand options to securely accept legal client payments without additional steps for you

The Legal Payments Network, part of the Professional Payments Network, utilizes virtual credit card processing and offers access to thousands of banks and accounts payable vendors, providing the legal industry with a streamlined billing experience.

No additional fees

The Legal Payments Network is included free of charge with your LawPay account. Virtual card transactions will be charged at the same rate as regular credit card fees.

Expand payment options for clients

Increase client satisfaction with an intuitive and easy payment system. Plus, this unique network will continue to expand to accommodate even more ways to pay in the future.

Improve Cash Flow

Easier client experience and a virtual Card transaction timeline of just 1-2 business days mean legal professionals receive everything they’re owed, right on time.

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