Quick Bill

You need an easy way to send clients a payment request that they can pay with just a click. With our Quick Bill feature, you can send payment requests and see which requests have been opened, paid, or are still outstanding. Plus, 57 percent of paid Quick Bills are paid the same day the request is sent.

Take control of your cash flow


Send an email request for a specific payment amount so clients can pay immediately.


Include key payment details, like reference numbers and dollar amounts, so clients pay the right amount for the right invoice.


Your chances of getting paid increase significantly when clients are able to pay their bill as soon as they receive an invoice.

How It Works

Accepting and managing payments has never been easier

Quick Bill gives you the detailed payment information you need to stay on top of your billing and better predict future payments and cash flow for your firm.

Send Quick Bills

Pre-fill requested payment information so that you get paid the right amount for the work you've done every time.

Provide a secure experience

Along with your payment request, clients get a direct link to your secure payments page. Clients enter their own sensitive information so it stays out of your hands.

Get immediate notifications

As soon as a client completes a Quick Bill, you'll receive an email letting you know that the payment has been made.

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