End-to-End Lawyer Time Tracking Software

Introducing LawPay Pro—track, invoice, bill, and collect payments in one seamless solution. Easily track time and expenses, create and send invoices, and ensure your team is paid for every billable minute.

Don’t Lose Billable Time With Legal Timekeeping Software

Capture More Billable Hours

Effortlessly track time entries and easily link them to cases with built-in timers. All related activities: phone calls, email, document management—are all logged and automatically rolled into your invoicing workflow.

Invoice More Accurately

LawPay’s legal time-tracking software includes features such as time and expense tracking and automated invoice generation, making it simpler than ever to send multiple detailed, accurate invoices in just a few clicks.

Stay on Track With Goals

Set time-tracking goals in your dashboard and see how many billable hours each employee is capturing every week, month, or quarter. Monitor progress to time goals in one quick glance at your time tracking dashboard.

Easy Time Tracking Features for Lawyers

Track Time Effortlessly With Built-In Timers

Track time entries and expenses and easily link them to cases with built-in timers. You can start and stop up to three timers at a time as you jump from case to case.

Set Time Goals in Our Timesheet Calendar

Gain valuable insight into the inner workings of your firm with the timesheet calendar. Here you’ll find the status of all invoices and be able to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your firm.

Track Expenses for Client Reimbursements

Manually tracking down expenses for client reimbursements is often neglected or even forgotten altogether—leaving money on the table. Automatically track those expenses and easily link them to cases with LawPay Pro.

Create Invoices From Time and Expense Entries

With our timekeeping software for lawyers, you can quickly produce invoices from time entries, flat fees, and expenses. Pull time and expenses entirely from cases where all billable time is accurately tracked and accounted for.

How Our Clients Win With LawPay Pro

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