Let’s transform legal payments together

LawPay is proud to work with the most innovative leaders in legal tech. We're solving problems for legal professionals and providing them with the technologies they need to run modern firms. With our secure, reliable APIs, our partners can add payments as a feature of their products—saving time and money.

Who integrates with LawPay?

LawPay integrations empower lawyers to securely accept online payments—no matter how they run their firm. Our proprietary, flexible technology seamlessly integrates with more than 30 of the most popular practice management, billing, and timekeeping solutions. As a result, lawyers can easily incorporate online payments into their existing workflow and continue using their favorite legal software solutions.

Practice Management:

A single solution for document management, billing, calendar management, time tracking, and client management

Timekeeping and Billing:

More efficiently track billable time, manage expenses, and create and send invoices to clients

Business Tools:

Streamline and simplify law firm operations with intuitive, cloud-based legal solutions

Custom Solutions:

Adaptable, proprietary technology that can be customized to provide law firms with the tools they need

The most trusted payment technology

Rather than sink countless hours and resources into developing payment functionality from scratch, take advantage of LawPay’s proven technology.

Why partner with LawPay

  • Our open APIs make it easy to build custom integrations
  • Our developer-focused support helps ensure successful integration
  • Our in-house user support creates a positive user experience

Contact us to learn more about how to integrate with our patented payment processing solution.