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Year after year since 2017, LawPay has received multiple accolades from G2, a third-party review website trusted by 3M+ people for unbiased information on software.

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How does LawPay stack up against competitors?

What makes LawPay stand out in legal billing? We built our easy-to-use technology around lawyers' specific needs, providing a simple payment management solution that correctly separates earned and unearned fees and protects your IOLTA account.

Ease of Use

LawPay’s intuitive online payment technology and features like scheduled billing, stored payment methods, and “Buy Now, Pay Later” options help law firms get paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster.

  • LawPay: 9.5
  • Legal Billing Average: 8.1

*The G2 “Ease of Use” score indicates customers' satisfaction with the solutions offered and by how user-friendly the features are within the software.

Quality of Support

LawPay’s team of Certified Payment Specialists has the experience and knowledge to give your firm complete and prompt support via phone, email, or virtual chat. Our live support staff are available every day of the week and are committed to answering your phone call by the second ring.

  • LawPay: 9.7
  • Legal Billing Average: 8.2

*G2’s "Quality of Support" scores reflect customers' satisfaction with the customer service, including availability, troubleshooting, and problem-solving provided by a software's support resources.

Ease of Setup

With no contracts, no hidden fees, and a team of payment experts to help every step of the way, getting started with LawPay is quick and easy. In fact, most new customers set up their accounts and start collecting payments in just 24 hours.

  • LawPay: 9.7
  • Legal Billing Average: 7.8

*G2’s "Ease of Set Up" scores are determined by customers' satisfaction with the convenience of the set-up process and the amount of time it takes to implement the software.

LawPay made it easy for me to run this firm from the time it was just me alone to now, where I've got a team of seven. I couldn't have done it without LawPay.

John Strohmeyer, Attorney-Owner/Strohmeyer

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