Next-Day Funding for Rapid Payments

With Next Day Payments, your firm can access funds on the following business day from when the payment was sent. This means you’ll receive your money one day sooner than the standard payout speed. The best part? Next Day Payments is included with your LawPay account at no extra cost for the remainder of 2024.

Next Day Payments

Next-Day Funding Benefits

Rapidly Access Funds

Having access to your firm’s money is essential to pay expenses and prevent vendor late fees. By using next-day funding merchant services, you’ll have the cash you need, when you need it.

Maximize Cash Flow

As a legal professional, you often work 30-60 days before getting paid. With this next-day funding benefit, you’ll have access to your funds as soon as possible—improving cash flow.

Apply to Multiple Payment Methods

This next-business-day funding feature is compatible with the most popular and convenient payment methods, including debit and credit cards, and eChecks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of payments apply to next-day funding?
How long does it take for my law firm to receive funds?
What time are funds available the next day?
Can funds become available on a Saturday or Sunday?
Is it guaranteed that the funds will always be made available on the next business day?
How much does Next Day Payments cost?
Who is eligible for Next Day Payments?

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