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Getting Started Advanced Features LawPay Presents

An Overview of LawPay

Length: 9:07

Emailing a Payment Page Link

Length: 1:17

How to Charge a Credit Card

Length: 1:34

New Feature: Quick Bill

Length: 1:40

Sending a Payment Page Link

Length: 1:55

How To Recharge a Client’s Card

Length: 1:19

How to Schedule Payments for Your Clients

Length: 0:49

Card Vault

Length: 2:15

Adding a Payment Page to Your Website

Length: 1:35

QR Code Walkthrough

Length: 1:46

Introducing LawPay Pro

Length: 0:30

Law Firm Time-Tracking Software

Length: 0:59

Track Expenses

Length: 1:03

Legal Invoicing Software

Length: 0:51

Legal Financial Reporting Dashboard

Length: 0:51

Pay Later Walkthrough

Length: 0:53

Using QR Codes

Length: 0:45

Rose Immigration Case Study

Length: 2:15

Diana The Lawyer Case Study

Length: 2:54

Murphy Jones Case Study

Length: 1:32

Introducing Hochglaube & DeBorde P.C.

Length: 2:03

Brengelman Case Study

Length: 2:29

Shuffield Lowman & Wilson Case Study

Length: 2:03

LawPay Presents | Ticket Crushers

Length: 1:28

Strohmeyer Law Firm

Length: 1:49

Payton Law Firm

Length: 3:00

Freeman Tax Law

Length: 1:50

Fraser, Wilson & Bryan, P.C.

Length: 1:41

Smith & Vinson Law Firm

Length: 1:34

The Law Office of Rob Chestnut

Length: 1:53

Strohmeyer Law Firm - QR Codes

Length: 0:45

Strohmeyer Law Firm - Customer Service

Length: 0:49

Strohmeyer Law Firm - Clio

Length: 0:21

Strohmeyer Law Firm - Practice Management

Length: 0:22

Strohmeyer Law Firm - ABA

Length: 0:45

Strohmeyer Law Firm - CLEs

Length: 0:30

Strohmeyer Law Firm - ClientCredit

Length: 0:28

My favorite part about LawPay is that it's easy for me to use, and on the few times that I've had to call customer service, they've been very patient with me. They've been very step-by-step in terms of explaining things to me.

Claire Carter
Attorney & CEO, Claire Carter Legal

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