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LawPay isn’t just the provider of the leading online payment solution for the legal industry. We also offer expert advice and educational resources on financial technology, billing and payments best practices, law practice management, and more. We invite you to browse our library of free e‑books, guides, and forms (and feel free to check out the LawPay blog, too).


Our e‑books discuss the topics that matter most to today’s lawyers. Get valuable insight on effectively attracting and retaining clients, streamlining firm operations, and building a profitable law practice.

25 Things I Wish I Learned in Law School

There are certain things law school just can't prep you for your first year as an attorney. Check out these helpful tips to get you started on the path to becoming a successful legal professional.


Going Off on Your Own: Your Guide to Running a Modern Firm

Starting your own firm can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking. However, being your own boss can be extremely rewarding. Learn the essential steps to get your law firm off the ground and on the right track for success in our e-book, Going Off on Your Own: Your Guide to Running a Modern Firm.


Credit Card Mythbusting: 7 Reasons Law Firms Still Resist Online Payments

Some legal professionals are hesitant to accept credit card payments from their clients, mostly due to misconceptions about how credit cards work today. We’ve dispelled many of these misconceptions in our latest whitepaper, Credit Card Mythbusting: 7 Reasons Law Firms Still Resist Online Payments.


Getting Paid: What Lawyers Need to Know

These days, running an old-fashioned law office doesn’t instill confidence. Clients expect you to use the latest tools, processes, and technology to handle their legal issues adeptly and efficiently. Learn how to modernize your firm's billing and payments practices in our e-book, Getting Paid: What Lawyers Need to Know.


4 Things Clients Want in a Law Firm

Every law firm wants to bring on more clients. And while many law firms have the talent and expertise to deliver good service, some law firms are not meeting the expectations of today's clients. In our latest whitepaper, 4 Things Clients Want in a Law Firm, we outline key characteristics of law firms that are bringing in clients and retaining them.


5 Things You Can Do to Impact Your Firm's Bottom Line

Staying on top of your firm's revenue can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, a few small changes can have a big impact on your finances. In our latest whitepaper, 5 Things You Can Do to Impact Your Firm's Bottom Line, we showcase the best techniques attorneys are using to both increase their income and provide superior services to their clients.


Finish Strong: How To End The Year On Better Financial Footing

In this guide, we will discuss steps that you can utilize in your practice to help you clear out your tagged receivables and hopefully get you paid on an account that you were all but ready to write-off for the year.


LawPay: The #1 Payment Solution for Law Firms

For more than a decade, LawPay has helped attorneys get paid easily and securely, and 39 percent faster. Developed specifically for lawyers, LawPay is the easiest way for attorneys to accept client payments online. Download our solution brochure to learn why LawPay is trusted by more than 45,000 law firms.


Kickstart your cash flow by optimizing law firm management

You’ve decided that this is the year to upgrade your law firm’s operations. Now it’s time to outline your strategy. The question is: do you know where to start? Learn how to re-energize your practice using an iterative approach that focuses on optimizations in specific areas of law firm management.



Our guides provide actionable tips on the best ways to operate law firms of all sizes. Hone your existing expertise, learn new skills, and discover how to enhance your approach to law practice management.

Starting Your Own Law Firm Checklist

Opening your own law firm is a challenging endeavor even for the most seasoned legal professionals. There are so many requirements and regulations to adhere to, it can be overwhelming to get started. This is why we've put together a checklist of essential items you’ll need to take the next big step in your career. From obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to building a website, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!


15 Questions to Ask Every Legal Tech Provider

Selecting the right solutions provider is essential when it comes to billing and payments. Take our quiz to see if a potential software partner (or your existing provider) is up to par!

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A Complete Guide to Trust Accounts

Violating trust account rules can subject a lawyer to disbarment, civil damages, and even criminal charges. Fortunately, there are tools and tips that any attorney can put into practice in their firm to maintain compliance and make recordkeeping a breeze.


Law Firm Guide to Cybersecurity

While the internet has brought on a whole new world of opportunities for law firms, it also has its own dangers to overcome. Cybercriminals know that legal professionals hold the keys to valuable, sensitive data, and they're constantly looking for ways to get their hands on it. Fortunately, you dont have to be a cybersecurity expert to secure your firm and protect sensitive data.


Upgrading the Client Experience with Online Payments: 5 Stories from Real Law Firms

You have the ability to improve the client experience and increase retention during any interaction—including potentially unpleasant ones. For example, giving clients the option to pay online shows you value their time and want to make their lives easier. See how using modern online payments allowed five law firms to elevate the client experience and ultimately, grow their businesses.


Returning to the Office: A Guide for Attorneys

Stay-at-home orders have been loosening up across the country, allowing legal professionals to re-open their physical offices if they so desire. In our latest whitepaper, Returning to the Office: A Guide for Attorneys, we'll go over the most important considerations that firms should take into account if considering returning to some semblance of "normalcy."


Legal Billing Dos and Don'ts Checklist

It doesn’t matter if you work for a large firm or you run your own private practice—getting your billing right is absolutely crucial. Keep clients happy and keep your cash flow steady by following these four billing dos and avoiding these four billing don’ts.


5 Efficiencies to Boost Your Firm's Productivity

Made in collaboration with attorney Jared Correia at Red Cave Consulting, our guide, 5 Efficiencies to Boost Your Firm's Productivity, explores five common law firm inefficiencies. Learn how to reduce the stress of managing a practice and increase firm productivity using software solutions and simple organizational strategies.


The Lawyers’ Guide to the Perfect Accounting System

Proper bookkeeping can give you real-time feedback about the overall health of your business and provide peace of mind. Learn how to set up an accounting system that will help you make better decisions about future spending and billing targets with The Lawyers’ Guide to the Perfect Accounting System.


Law Office Checklist: Set Your Firm Up for Success This Year

A consistent routine can do wonders for your productivity, your efficiency, and, most importantly, your profitability. In contrast, without an organized system, you may not realize you haven’t been spending enough time on revenue-driving activities like marketing and relationship-building. Learn the five things you should do every month with our law office checklist.


Sample Forms and Agreements

Let us make your life a little simpler. Peruse our catalog of sample forms, policies, and agreements that can all be easily adapted to meet your firm’s unique needs.

Sample Attorney Fee Agreement

Great client communication starts with an effective attorney-client agreement, which can help you set reasonable expectations and quickly establish trust.

Are you just setting up your practice or are you looking to give your intake forms an update? Download our free sample attorney-client agreement, and adapt it for your own practice.


Sample Credit Card Authorization Forms

This kit contains two sample authorization forms from LawPay to help you get started. The first covers client authorizations, while the second form covers authorizations for friends and family members who are paying on behalf of your clients.


Sample Privacy Policy

A privacy policy not only provides transparency to your clients and helps foster trust but also protects you from potential liability by explicitly detailing your firm’s practices. Download and personalize our sample privacy policy to have a clear, helpful privacy policy ready to attach to your contracts, emails, and website.