Practice42 & LawPay: Your Firm’s Key to Productivity & Profitability

Achieve enhanced operations, increased revenue, and superior client satisfaction with Practice42 and LawPay. Practice42's Premier Total Digital Solution integrates perfectly with LawPay's streamlined payment systems, providing an unparalleled backbone for modern law firms. Together, Practice42 and LawPay specialize in customized strategies for legal firms, including software customization, data integration, marketing, paralegal services, and premium payment solutions.

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Driving Efficiency and Growth with Practice42

Practice42 is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive back-office solutions, specially designed to propel legal practices forward. Founded by attorney Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, Esq., CBC, Practice42 brings an insider's perspective to the challenges faced by legal professionals.


Solution-based Customization

Every law firm has its own needs. The Practice42 approach focuses on creating specialized strategies to help your firm succeed.

Operational Efficiency

Practice42 premier digital solutions, coupled with LawPay's efficient payment systems, result in improved operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Knowledge & Experience:

With an experienced attorney as their founder, Practice42 can offer legal professionals solutions designed with their needs in mind.

Best-in-class Payments

Automate billing, increase client satisfaction, and make your team more efficient with LawPay's modern payment solution.

Our goal as lawyers should always be to do what we do best—practice law! Adding the solutions and tools that allow us to run our business efficiently and meet our clients where they are is critical to overall success

Audrey Ehrhardt, Esq.
CBC, Practice42 CEO