Every day, you have the choice:
accept the norm or be great.
And every day, you choose greatness because you're determined to make a difference. For yourself. For your team. For your clients.

You set the bar high.

We'll help you get there.

We're here to be your partner in greatness.

LawPay helps legal professionals build trust with clients

Building Trust

LawPay helps legal professionals serve their clients better

Serving Clients

LawPay helps legal professionals reach their goals

Hitting Goals

Greatness is earning trust and keeping it

LawPay is an ABA Member Programs partner

By partnering with the most dependable legal payment solution

We get it: Your reputation is everything. Ours is, too. We're recommended by the ABA, ALA, all 50 state bars, and 60+ local and specialty bars—we care about meeting your firm's quality standards just as much as you.

Looking for more ways to achieve greatness for your clients? Look no further:

Greatness is winning consistently for your clients

By minimizing your own (payment) hassles

Tailor your payment options to fit every client's needs with credit, debit, eCheck, fee funding, customizable payment plans, or in-person payments. Happy clients, happy you.

Eager to deliver superior client service? Here’s how to make clients rave about you:

Greatness is making the most of every minute

By doing things that matter to you

What if we said you can permanently free yourself from the billing bind? Think quick invoice creation and delivery (via text or email), easy case-specific tracking, and more. Not just that—you'll know as soon as you receive payments.

Ready to take your next leap? Some easy ways to grow your firm:

Greatness is a tireless commitment.

Let us help you make it easier.

39 PercentGet paid 39% faster
3XCollect on 3x the number of invoices
2XIndustry-leading chargeback reversal rate (2x the industry average)
Scale From 1-100sScale from 1 to hundreds of users as your firm grows
99 Percent99% of customer service calls are answered on the first ring
ABA logoThe only payment solution offered through the ABA Advantage Program

Upcoming events

Go further, faster by meeting and learning from the best—industry gurus, legal subject-matter experts, and other leaders.

April 2024

NACBA's 32nd Annual Convention

April 25-28, 2024 • Colorado Springs, CO

May 2024

2024 ABA Spring CLE Conference

May 1-4, 2024 • Boston, MA

2024 Aderant Momentum

May 6-9, 2024 • Nashville, TN

CBA Immigration Law Conference

May 9-11, 2024 • Montreal, Canada

Federal Bar Immigration Law Conference

May 10-11, 2024 • Salt Lake City, UT

VANTAGE Elite 2024 User Conference

May 13-15, 2024 • Las Vegas, NV