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How Strohmeyer Law Enhances the Client Experience with LawPay

Emily Burns
Emily Burns
July 7, 2022

Who: John Strohmeyer, Strohmeyer Law PLLC + Bill Moody, Strohmeyer Law PLLC Why: Makes it easy for clients to pay Where: Houston, TX When: Customer since 2018

Based in Houston, Texas, Strohmeyer Law PLLC is a full-service law firm that specializes in estate planning, tax, and probate law services. John Strohmeyer, a practicing attorney and the proprietor of Strohmeyer Law PLLC, works alongside his team to simplify the process of estate planning for clients by solving any problems they may have and ensuring that no details are left unresolved in their estate.

Over time, as the firm has continued to grow both in clientele and employees, Strohmeyer Law decided to partner with LawPay with the goal of optimizing their billing processes.

Here are just a few of the specific LawPay benefits that have helped Strohmeyer Law streamline operations, upgrade the payment experience, and get paid faster.

Streamlined payment processing

Since partnering with LawPay, Strohmeyer Law has been able to simply and efficiently accept payments online as opposed to dealing with complex banking portals.

“I've pretty much bypassed a lot of the complicated dealing with banks and bank portals by going straight with LawPay from the outset. It just made it easier to send the clients a simple link where they can upload credit card details or their eChecks directly into our payment systems,” said John Strohmeyer.

Employees within the firm have also felt the effects of a cleaner payment processing solution. Account Manager Bill Moody says using LawPay helps him do his job more efficiently.


“If you're in a position like mine or you're strictly just doing the billing for a law firm, LawPay is the way to go. It's quick. It's simple. It's easy to use,” said Bill Moody.

Automated invoicing

For Strohmeyer Law, one of the biggest advantages of LawPay is the ability to automate invoicing. This feature keeps account managers from having to chase down late or unpaid invoices when they could be using their time on more impactful tasks.

“LawPay helps me do my job efficiently, because otherwise I would be chasing dollars from clients,” said Billy Moody. “It saves me time. It's very efficient and allows me the time that I need to spend on other functions here at the practice.”

Online payments with LawPay allow you to send invoices instantly. In turn, your invoices can be paid just as quickly. A confirmation of your payment is sent to your email and a pending deposit is made to your bank account shortly thereafter.

Easy for clients to pay however they want

LawPay also makes it extremely easy for clients to pay for professional services with a number of convenient payment methods. With multiple ways to pay and 24/7 access, online payments give Strohmeyer Law clients the flexibility they need to pay for legal services at any time, from anywhere.


“LawPay is essential to my practice at this point because clients expect to pay by credit cards or eChecks. Nobody wants to write a physical check to me anymore. They want to be able to pay quickly and easily,” said John Strohmeyer.

LawPay’s newest payment option, Pay Later, allows clients to make payments overtime, while the firm is paid 100% of their fees upfront. John believes this solution will allow the firm to acquire more clientele and expand access to justice.

“I'm looking forward to using Pay Later because it'll allow our clients more flexibility in how they pay us. We're here to help clients. I'm looking at Pay Later as a way to help us help more clients,” said John Strohmeyer.

Integrated with popular legal software

Strohmeyer Law also cites LawPay’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other legal software as a major benefit.

“When I send out a trust request through our management system, it is integrated with LawPay and I'm able to go into LawPay's website and immediately see who's paid, who hasn't paid,” said Bill Moody. “It's just so much quicker, simpler, easier to process those payments for the retainers of the clients through LawPay than in years past. I find it very easy to use.”

LawPay’s payment solution is integrated with more than 60 leading legal platforms and counting.

Support from real people

Most importantly, LawPay is always there to help whenever the Strohmeyer firm needs assistance.


“I love being able to call somebody at LawPay and walk me through something, because sometimes I can figure it out and a lot of times I can't on my own. So they're very helpful with that and I like that,” said Bill Moody.

LawPay’s in-house team of payment specialists is made up of real human beings who are available by phone, live chat, or email to answer any questions you may have about your accounts.

Ultimately, LawPay has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team at Strohmeyer Law PLLC. “LawPay made it easy for me to run this firm from the time it was just me alone to now where I've got a team of seven. I couldn't have done it without LawPay,” said John Strohmeyer. “We've stuck with LawPay because they are the leader in payments.”