A New Legal Tech Leader is Born

Keely Leonard
Keely Leonard
June 9, 2022

The legal tech industry has undergone a remarkable evolution over the past two decades. This $17 billion industry is constantly changing, but most of all, technology is advancing at an immeasurable pace.

Today is the long-awaited day for both AffiniPay, LawPay’s parent company, and MyCase, the highly ranked legal practice management software. We’re celebrating AffiniPay’s acquisition of MyCase, and the merging of our two companies which will create one of the largest legal technology brands in the industry. This merger is something that we are ecstatic about for many reasons.

LawPay has been the pioneer for legal digital payments since its launch in 2005. Joining forces with MyCase continues LawPay’s legacy of looking for ways to more holistically meet the business and financial needs of their customers.

MyCase has changed the way legal professionals work over the last decade, through intuitive and efficient technological innovation. With the suite of products that fall under the MyCase umbrella, options exist for the vast majority of firms. By launching new features and evolving the existing product, the MyCase team has been at the forefront of building the leading technology platform for the legal industry.

Both companies have solved pain points for professionals with simple, intuitive technology that is easy to adopt and even easier to love. Running a professional services firm is serious business but interacting with your technology fintech provider shouldn’t be.

Personally, we are very excited about what this means for our LawPay and MyCase teams. From the initial conversation about a potential merger, it was clear that both companies were a culture fit with one another. With growth comes new opportunities for our combined team, including further establishing the company as a market leader and serving our customers in innovative ways that meet their unique needs.

This combination is a growth thesis and the intent is to bring both teams together as one entity. With a people-first mentality, our company will have the scale and the profitability required to go beyond legal tech, and together grow to become the largest SaaS player in the broader professional technology space. As a double unicorn, we can set our sights on innovating toward an even more impactful future.

LawPay + MyCase coming together means broader offerings, wider reach, and the opportunity to have an even greater impact on the lives of our customers. The excitement is building–and we’re just getting started. A new legal tech leader is born as we pave the way for MyCase and LawPay, together.

Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay and
Jim McGinnis, President of Growth Initiatives at AffiniPay