An In-Depth Look At Why Attorneys Love LawPay

Joe Galotti
Joe Galotti
September 19, 2018

Over the past few years, our company, Answering Legal, has spent a lot of time praising LawPay as a top legal software. In fact, LawPay cracked our list of top legal software products for attorneys in 2017, and then again in 2018.

Why should you care about our opinion? Well, we at Answering Legal work directly with law professionals on a daily basis. We are the only phone answering service that serves attorneys exclusively, and we do so 24/7/365. We’ve dedicated endless hours to learning what attorneys want from a service, so we can best cater our company to meet their needs. We’d argue that we know what attorneys are looking for from a service or product just as well, if not better, than anybody else.

To get a better idea of the attorneys we serve, we will often send out customer surveys. Last fall we surveyed our sizeable attorney customer base on the legal software tools they use most, and unsurprisingly, LawPay was one of the leading responses. So why do firms use LawPay so much?

Reason #1- Attorneys desire simplicity and convenience

Attorneys are busy people, typically with more on their plate each day than the average American worker can imagine. If you don’t make things easy for them, you’re not going to keep them engaged in your product for long. LawPay seems to be quite aware that their attorney users desire a simple and straightforward experience.

There’s never a need for attorneys to go digging through the product for information, or watch lengthy tutorial videos to learn how to use it. Everything they need through LawPay is intuitive and available with just a few clicks.

Reason #2- Attorneys don’t want to wait to get paid

Like everyone, lawyers want to collect what they’re owed from clients sooner rather than later. There is just too much that can go wrong when a client payment is delayed. Suddenly getting in touch with clients regarding their legal bill becomes difficult, and the attorney gets put in a difficult spot. You would think people would be smart enough not to deadbeat a lawyer of all people, but you’d likely be surprised by how many that do.

Attorneys can avoid all the drama by using LawPay, and give their clients no excuse not to pay on time. With LawPay, debit or credit card payments can be accepted by swiping the card manually in-person, or through a secure online payment. Just about everybody pays with a card these days, so it’s important that you give them the option. All attorneys need to process a payment is a computer. It’s that simple.

Having a software like LawPay that accepts credit cards can be particularly helpful for attorneys in their quest to collect old clients debts. Often clients won’t pay on time because they simply don’t have the money currently available in their bank account. With the ability to accept credit cards as payments, attorneys should be able to settle up with clients much sooner. The ability to set up transactions in advance through LawPay’s Scheduled Payments feature will also help guarantee all invoices get paid.

Reason #3- Attorneys want a product they can trust

With attorneys, the stakes are almost always high. It’s not hyperbole to say that lawyers put their firm’s reputation, their client’s reputation, and their own personal reputation on the line with every decision they make. And when it comes to decisions regarding an attorney’s money, the stakes are even higher. Needless to say, a company needs to prove that they can be trusted before they can begin to expect attorneys to let their guards down.

With LawPay, reliability is never in question. The company prides itself on being the most widely trusted credit card processing software for law firms, and works with 48 state bar associations, as well as more than 60 local and specialty bars. LawPay also carefully protects attorneys' client funds by restricting the ability of any third-party from debiting monies from a trust account. This takes the complicated responsibility of separating funds yourself out of the attorney’s hands, and puts it in the widely trusted hands of LawPay.

With lawyers, there are of course certain regulations and ethical rules that must be followed when collecting payments. Attorneys know that with every client transaction they make through LawPay, they never have to worry about their payments comingling or ending up in the wrong hands. Peace of mind is an extremely powerful thing for the overstressed lawyer, and that’s exactly what LawPay provides them.

Reason #4- Attorneys need to able to work on the go

Perhaps the biggest thing lacking in an attorney’s job is consistency. Lawyers can spend weeks at a time glued their desk doing case work, then suddenly be needed for a week away at court. When long stretches away from the office do come around, attorneys still need to be able to perform important office tasks.

As a legal answering service, we know that attorneys can’t just spend days away from the office without staying on top of everything that is going on with their practice. That’s why we provide the attorneys we serve with constant updates, via SMS text message and email, on who has called into their firm, and what they need. Attorneys never know when an important call will come into their office, but they do know they can’t afford to let one fall through the cracks.

With legal payments, it’s the same deal. Attorneys need to be able to effectively multi-task, and handle payments while they’re outside of the office. LawPay ensures that this is always possible, by offering secure mobile technology that allows attorneys to manage client payments from their smartphones, no matter where they are located. With the software’s mobile app and swiper, lawyers can take and manage payments from anywhere. And once again, LawPay makes things simple by allowing all of this to be done with just a few swipes and touches of a button.

Reason #5- Attorneys love a great deal!

One way in which attorneys are like just about any other business owner is that they love a good bargain. Those running law offices, especially small or solo practices, have bills and expenses to worry about just like everyone else. So even if you have the best software there is, you’re likely to scare off even some of the most successful attorneys out there if you offer it an unreasonable rate. Lawyers are typically too smart to allow themselves to get ripped off.

LawPay’s monthly cost should easily fit into any attorney’s budget. The company offer ther solution for a montly program rate of $20 per month, or a yearly discount program of $180 per year. On top of that, LawPay integrates with many of today’s top practice management solutions. This means you can take on the best payment processing software in the business, and have it work seamlessly with just about any software programs you might currently be using.

At Answering Legal we’re never satisfied with what we currently provide, and are always exploring new ways for our business to better serve its attorney customers. LawPay seems to have the same M.O.

We expect that their continuous innovations and improvements should keep LawPay as a top response in our attorney legal software surveys for years to come.

About the author

Joe Galotti is a marketing assistant with Answering Legal, an answering service dedicated exclusively to serving attorneys and law firms.

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