Law Firm Spotlight

Elliott Immigration Law provides better client experiences with LawPay

John Lehman
John Lehman
June 26, 2019


Erin Elliott, managing partner at Elliott Immigration Law, founded her own law practice in 2011 after personally seeing just how difficult the U.S. immigration system can be to navigate. Though her firm operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, Erin and her team have assisted individuals and families across the nation with immigration issues. Elliott Immigration Law specializes in family, employment, and business immigration issues, as well as naturalization and citizenship.

A more focused solution

Elliott Immigration Law has accepted online payments from the very beginning. “Everybody wants to pay by credit card now,” said Elliott. “I can’t imagine not offering online payments in this day and age.” Though the firm had used payment providers before, they were simply not meeting their needs. “Before LawPay, we worked with about two or three providers. But we realized pretty quickly that we needed to work with someone geared towards the legal industry.”

Following recommendations by the State Bar of Georgia and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the firm ultimately made the switch to LawPay. Right away, Elliott loved that LawPay could work seamlessly with her firm’s software solutions. “It’s really important to me to have software that integrates with all the other programs we use,” said Elliott. “LawPay integrates with our practice management software as well as our accounting software.”

Better client experiences

After using LawPay, Elliott feels it has made a huge impact on her clients’ satisfaction. For instance, she can now offer her clients multiple ways to pay for her firm’s services. “Our clients can pay through an email, on our website, through an invoice,” said Elliott. Her firm found that they were processing far more payments online than in-person. “I would say about 75% of our payments are taken online. The remaining 25% are swiped in our office,” Overall, her clients have had an extremely positive reaction to LawPay. “I’ve never had a client complain about making payments online. In fact, I think they appreciate that we offer that option.”

Reconciliation simplified

Payment reconciliation has always been a point of contention in the past for Elliott. She recalls, “Before I used LawPay, I really had a hard time reconciling payments. Now, each payment is attached to a specific client and matter, so it takes me a lot less time.” Elliott also found that LawPay’s reporting features gave her a much better view of her firm’s payment data. “I’m able to look in one place and see what’s been paid, what’s outstanding, and how many hours have been billed. That’s easy for us.”

Overall, LawPay has made life easier and freed up a lot more time for Erin Elliott. “I had one day for billing each month, which was my dreaded day. Now I can spend more time working on my clients’ cases, and more time at home with my family.”