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Featured Law Firm: The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp P.C.

Amy Mann
Amy Mann
November 10, 2015

Welcome to the LawPay Featured Law Firm! For November, we’re lucky to feature The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp of Kingman, Arizona!

What type of law do you primarily practice?

Our firm practices exclusively Criminal and DUI Defense.

Tell us the story of your firm. How and why did you get into criminal law?

I got into criminal law because as a kid I always watched Perry Mason with my folks. Interested in becoming a trial lawyer I competed in mock trial competitions in junior high, and interned at prosecuting and public defense offices and clerked for a criminal judge during college and law school.

I was a deputy county attorney for approximately four years, handling all types of criminal cases including juvenile delinquency, misdemeanors, drug task force/narcotics, Felonies, Felony Trial Group and Homicide Cases. In 2004 I joined a boutique civil construction defect law firm where I gained experience conducting civil litigation and learning the ins and outs of a private practice law firm.

A year later I moved back to Kingman and Mohave County and worked again in the Arizona Auto Theft Task Force, where I realized that I enjoyed practicing criminal law and trial litigation. Then in 2007, with the valuable encouragement of another former prosecutor, I pursued my vision of starting my own private practice.

Which bars are you affiliated with?

Arizona State Bar, Mohave County Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), The National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD), and The U.S. District Court Arizona

How would you describe your personal commitment to your clients?

Our clients and their cases are our highest priority. We try to anticipate issues before they come up so that our service is at a high level. We anticipate the collateral consequences of their criminal case to mitigate any outcomes in their case or litigate at trial if we need to clear their name.

How has your firm adapted to an increasingly online world?

Our entire practice is now cloud-based. I have always stayed current with the latest technology since I started my practice. Moving our client management and document management in the Cloud allows me to have the information I need to represent my clients whenever and anywhere I go.

Technology allows us to stay in constant communication with our clients. Our online case management software keeps clients in the loop about the goings on of their case and lets them contact us privately and securely when they need us and want to know what’s next.

In what ways has LawPay benefited your practice?

LawPay has made it extremely easy and convenient for our firm to process payments from clients, allowing them to pay online or via email with the convenient online link and portal – this is particularly helpful when working with clients who are out of state.

The recurring payment feature helps clients finance their legal fees. It saves my staff many hours of time from working collection and reduces swings in our cash flow. We also love LawPay’s email notifications letting me know that we have been paid. Of course the processing fees are low and competitive, and that always helps the bottom line.

How would you describe your experience with LawPay?

It has been excellent. LawPay was happy to help set up our account and made the transition seamless. In addition, they competitively matched the rates of our previous credit card processor. Just set it and forget it – never had an issue since.

Would you recommend LawPay to your colleagues?

I would recommend LawPay to all my colleagues. Service charges are reasonable, and the recurring payments feature minimizes fee collection. If you are going to run a consumer driven practice you need credit card processing. Why not LawPay?