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Criminal Defense Firm Provides Elevated Client Experience Using MyCase and LawPay

The LawPay Team
The LawPay Team
June 30, 2023

“MyCase and LawPay together have totally revolutionized the way we practice law.” - Molly Bagshaw, Associate Attorney, Hochglaube & DeBorde Law

Law Firm: Hochglaube & DeBorde P.C.

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Post-Conviction Matters
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Title IX Investigations and Defense

Number of Team Members: 4

Location: Houston, Texas

Started Using MyCase: March 2020

Started Using LawPay: June 2022


  • Communicate easily with clients and offer simple payment options to elevate the client experience
  • Enhance team efficiency and document organization
  • Find affordable practice management that would help increase firm profitability


Hochglaube & DeBorde P.C.

Hochglaube & DeBorde P.C. is a criminal defense firm with a national reputation for dedication to clients and getting results. How do they do it? In addition to extreme dedication and years of experience, they have the right tools and processes in place to provide their clients with responsive and reliable representation.

We recently spoke with Nicole DeBorde, Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney at Hochglaube & DeBorde, and Molly Bagshaw, Associate Attorney at the firm, to learn about their experience using MyCase and LawPay to build their firm into the thriving practice it is today.

Getting Started with MyCase and LawPay

Before utilizing MyCase and LawPay to streamline their operations, Hochglaube & DeBorde used a combination of tools to store information and invoice clients. The process was timely and somewhat inconvenient for both clients and staff.

Nicole DeBorde explains, “We were using paper files, scanning and shredding materials. We were uploading them to a database. The clients didn’t have easy access to that database, but if they called us and requested it, we could bring them into the office and give them access. And for invoicing, clients needed to call the office to make a payment or to come in or send us a check.” In an effort to provide a better client experience, reduce time spent on non-billable tasks, and create a simpler process for their team, the firm went in search of case management tools.

As DeBorde put it, “Lawyers are creatures of habit.” For many years, DeBorde ran her firm with the same tools and processes.

“I was reluctant in the beginning to change anything that we were doing. But we researched MyCase and determined that the way that they store files, provide communication and billing options for clients, and so much more was beyond an organization system. And the client portal was much more efficient than what we were doing.”

She continues, “Once we made the decision to switch to MyCase, I thought it was going to take some time to learn. But the reality was, it was a breeze.” DeBorde explains that “It was very intuitive. We could upload materials to it quickly and easily.

DeBorde explained that “One of our initial concerns with going to a system like MyCase was the cost. We were worried about whether the cost would offer the value that we would need to make it make sense. I can say broadly that it's been an enormous financial benefit and that the benefits outweigh the costs.

After finding success with MyCase, Hochglaube & DeBorde decided to adopt LawPay to create a simple invoice and payment process for their clients.


“LawPay onboarding was also a breeze. It was as simple as the click of a button,” says DeBorde. “When you enter data for a client invoice, there’s an option to let them pay through LawPay. The instructions are easy to follow, not only for the client but for the lawyers and office staff too. It’s really very intuitive and easy to use.”

Using MyCase and LawPay together has helped Hochglaube & DeBorde create an elevated client experience. “Everything is integrated now—a client can upload materials, look at the information in their file, and make a payment at two o’clock on a Saturday morning if that’s when they are thinking about their case,” explains DeBorde. “It’s really just a wonderfully integrated system.”

The Benefits


Increased Efficiency Through Document Management and Time Tracking

“MyCase and LawPay together have totally revolutionized the way we practice law.” - Molly Bagshaw

Running a law firm involves dealing with a great deal of paperwork and complex case documentation. DeBorde explained how difficult it can be to keep materials organized and accessible for staff and clients. Additionally, the challenges of tracking time as you wade through complicated materials, documents, emails, notes, etc can be cumbersome. It’s easy for time to get away from you and for billable time to go unlogged.

“MyCase has enabled us to keep better track of the time that we’re using. We can learn whether we’re using that time efficiently, and we can access our data in a much more useful way,” DeBorde comments

Molly Bagashaw, another attorney at the firm, further explained, “MyCase really has changed everything for us. There are so many features that we use on a daily basis that have revolutionized our practice, our client communication, and our efficiency.” She continues, “We are so efficient with being able to communicate with clients, track out time, and make sure that every single note, every single thought is accounted for and in the same place. It streamlines every single process that we have in our office, and it is just truly incredible.”

Better Team Collaboration and Organization


“It’s just been a wonderful tool for organizational purposes.” - Nicole DeBorde

“One significant thing we've noticed through MyCase is an improvement in our organization of materials,” says DeBorde. “We find it so much easier to access important data at a moment's notice when we need to answer a question either for ourselves or for a client.”

DeBorde explains that their whole team using MyCase has made it “incredibly easy to collaborate,” ensuring that they are using their time effectively, not duplicating efforts, and allowing them to easily switch between tasks without comprising data or productivity.

Simple and Easy Payments, Billing, and Invoicing

“We make so much more in terms of being able to keep accurate track of billing on cases where we build and in terms of actually collecting the fees that we charge in our cases because of MyCase and because of LawPay.” - Nicole DeBorde

Hochglaube & DeBorde uses both MyCase and LawPay to tackle their billing and invoicing processes and ensure their team is paid for every billable minute captured. They utilize invoice generation to ensure accurate invoices, time-tracking timers to reclaim billable hours, online payments to provide their clients with payment flexibility, and automated payment reminders to ensure timely payments.


Utilizing MyCase and LawPay functionality, Molly Bagshaw says, “Our clients are able to make their payments in a way that makes sense for them when it makes sense for them.”

She further explains, “A lot of times, with billing, you don't even know that something might be due because there are just so many things going on. Our clients are often under a lot of stress. So if they receive that invoice, the client or the family member can pay it at their leisure. It has really helped with making sure that everything is documented and that those payments are made in a timely manner.”

Providing an Elevated Client Experience

“MyCase has really been a reputational boost…” - Nicole DeBorde

As a criminal defense firm, Hochglaube & DeBorde understands the stress that comes with facing a criminal accusation. “We want our clients to feel that they can trust us. We work really hard to make sure that our clients know that we’re going to do the very best that we can for them, no matter what the circumstances are,” comments Bagshaw. She emphasized the importance of constant client communication and the desire to ensure clients are always up to date on cases.

“We pride ourselves on being accessible. We pride ourselves in being able to help guide you through what is often scary and mysterious because it is new to you,” says DeBorde. “MyCase has really been a reputational boost because it ensures that we are delivering the type of client communication that is expected.”

In addition to providing better client communication through MyCase, the Hochglabue & DeBorde team use LawPay to provide simple and flexible payment options to their clients.


“LawPay has definitely helped with the client experience,” says Bagshaw. “It is wonderful for clients to be able to make payments from wherever they are. To be able to log in and send them a message of all the different ways that they can make payment is extremely helpful to them.”

Creating a Profitable Law Firm with the Right Tools


“I tell literally every single lawyer that I meet that they have to get MyCase and LawPay for their firm. It is so worth it. I don't know what I would do without it as far as client communication, billing, timing, keeping everything organized, there's nothing else like it.” - Molly Bagshaw

Hochglaube & DeBorde continues to provide unparalleled legal services through an elevated client experience and efficient, streamlined processes with MyCase and LawPay. Curious to see what your firm can accomplish with these tools in your tech stack? Try MyCase free for 10 days and demo LawPay today.