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Why LawPay is Essential for John F. Rossi's Paperless Law Firm

John Lehman
John Lehman
April 2, 2021


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, John F. Rossi runs a solo litigation firm with a focus on executive advocacy for employment law, domestic relations, business litigation, as well as personal injury. “I had some distant relatives back growing up that were lawyers and in high school I had a chance to work in their office as a part-time job during school,” said John Rossi. “Since then I've been on that zest and to this day it continues and I think it gets more exciting each day.”

One step ahead in a remote-working world

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many attorneys to continue their practice remotely, outside of their brick and mortar offices. But while many of them had to rearrange their entire business to accommodate a more work-from-home practice, John Rossi was already one step ahead. “My practice has been a paperless practice probably for about seven or eight years now, close to 10 years,” noted John Rossi. “I've found in Boston, [...] people would prefer not to have to drive into the city, either deal with the traffic and the delays of getting in and out of the city. So I've been meeting with people remotely and outside of the office for many years.”

Once remote work and going paperless became the norm for him, John Rossi quickly noticed the value of eliminating unnecessary elements to his practice. “Paper is something that I consider just an expense and a time waster. Especially as a small business, you spend going to the post office, putting mail into envelopes, putting it into the copier and maybe scanning it, that stuff is just a big waste of time.”

The convenience of online payments

With efficiency top of mind, adopting LawPay became a no brainer for John Rossi. “I think I opened up my first Law Pay account probably six or seven years ago,” recalled John. “I can use it any time of the day or night. My clients can pay me from the comfort of their home and they don't have to worry about mailing.”

John doesn’t miss the days where he would have to sit through long lines at the bank, waiting to deposit payments. “A client mails you a check and they get it in the envelope, you open it, it took a week or more to get to you anyways and that's if the client does it quickly,” he recalled. “Then you got to go to the bank, stand in line at the bank and deposit the check and then wait a day or two or three after that, for it to clear.”

Now, with LawPay, billing has become effortless for John Rossi. “You get an email from LawPay saying client Smith just paid you a hundred dollars and it's already entered into your ledger, it's already entered into your client file,” said John. Plus, with everything digital, LawPay fits perfectly into John’s paperless practice. “I sold my filing cabinets a few years ago and the bookshelves so now you're talking a few clicks of the mouse to do what used to take you a half hour to one hour to do, it adds up.”

Overall, LawPay has proven to be nothing but beneficial for John Rossi’s practice. “You don't have to put your coat on. You don't have to go down to the bank and stand in line. I don't even have to open an envelope. What could be better than that?”