Law Firm Spotlight

Law Firm Spotlight: The Law Firm of Bennett Samuel Ostroff

Amy Mann
Amy Mann
February 14, 2018

Welcome to the LawPay Client Spotlight. This month, we’re lucky to feature Bennett Samuel Ostroff, Esq., from Hunt Valley, Maryland.

What type of law do you primarily practice?

Most of the work I do is in criminal defense, business law, precious metals law, and that which concerns peace and protective orders.

How would you tell the story of your firm? What drew you to the legal field and what inspired you to start your own firm?

My aunt and uncle were both lawyers and owned a practice; as a kid, I used to spend my summers with them in Florida, doing odd jobs around the office, and attending their trials. I saw how happy they were professionally, and as I got older, it became obvious that I would follow in their footsteps by running a law firm.

What makes your practice unique?

I take some pride in always doing everything that’s allowable for my Clients. I’m passionate about representing those who’ve placed their trust in me, meaning that I’ll never back down, no matter the stakes. I’m also not afraid to ask questions and admit when I don’t know something; because of this, I only accept those actions which I’m most qualified to handle.

How has LawPay benefited your practice?

LawPay has been invaluable to me. For example, lawyers have to be very careful when administering their trust accounts; LawPay follows all the rules set out by Maryland’s Bar Association, and is very knowledgeable about best practices when I inquire. LawPay most effectively responds to my needs, and truly gets what an attorney needs to do in Maryland to follow law and protect their practice.

I tell people all the time that I’ve never had a single issue or problem with LawPay. I’ve even had the same Account Manager, Amber Bonander, since 2014; she’s now the Sales Director, but still handles my affairs and is always there when necessary. I never call with any trepidation or fear, as I know that the issue will be resolved by LawPay immediately. Amber’s help, in addition to that of her co-workers, is always first-class. I don’t have to go through some phone tree or automated system, as whenever I call, someone quickly picks up. The salient point is that I know LawPay is always here for me.