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LawPay 2022: A Year in Review

Hannah Bruno
Hannah Bruno
December 6, 2022

After nearly three years of being thrown into a new reality and then learning to adjust and ultimately thrive in our new world, we are starting to resume normalcy. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our proudest moments from 2022.

__Thanks for the memories - we love connecting with you! __

Learning All Year Long!

Obtaining your annual CLE credits can often be challenging when you already have a packed schedule. We're proud to have in-house resources that allow us to offer CLE webinars that are not only convenient but also informative and engaging.

This year, LawPay offered 102 live online CLE courses discussing the most relevant topics for legal professionals. All of our CLE webinars are available at no charge and are hosted by practicing attorneys Claude Ducloux, LawPay's Director of Education. Claude tackled everything from courtroom ethics to modern communication practices that can help you become an effective problem-solver, among many other topics.

Still need to complete your CLE requirements for 2022? Visit our CLE center for on-demand recordings!

We Took Our Show on the Road - In Person and Virtually!

This year offered many opportunities to connect with you through in-person exhibitions, conferences, and conventions.

We were fortunate to have had the chance to meet and chat with prospective and current customers at 162 in-person and virtual legal industry events in 2022. Attending and sponsoring these events helps us stay connected with our customers and the legal community. We're incredibly grateful for all the questions, feedback, and support we received this year.

Partnering with Legal Tech Leaders to Support You!

At LawPay, we are committed to building relationships with other legal technology solutions to continue supporting you at every stage of your work. LawPay joined forces with 5 new technology partners this year, bringing our total to over 73 legal tech integrations, all working together to help you get paid. We look forward to continuing to build a seamless experience across platforms and keeping your work process organized.

State and Local Bar Partnerships!

LawPay is the only payment technology vetted and recommended by 50 state bars and more than 100 local and specialty bars as a value-added, trusted solution for their members. We prioritize partnering with these organizations and continue to innovate and evolve to serve their members. In 2022 we built new partnerships with 2 new bar associations, bringing our total to 130.

A Year in Payments - By the Numbers!

Here is a quick calculation of some of our big wins in 2022. Thank you for making this year one of our best!

79,586 QR codes scanned using LawPay’s QR code feature

Texas was the number one state for LawPay transaction

Two new features were added, including Pay Later and the Legal Payments Network

$17,500 - the largest single Pay Later transaction!

We're proud to have had the chance to connect with and support so many legal professionals during this year of finding new normals. We're committed to continuing to transform the way legal professionals get paid, now and for the long haul. We wish you and yours the happiest holiday season and look forward to connecting with you in 2023.