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How to Maximize the LawPay for Aderant Integration

Tyger McClure
Tyger McClure
May 17, 2021

Since joining the LawPay Custom Solutions team as an Implementation Architect earlier this year, it’s been a joy to be able to contribute to the evolution of LawPay’s flexible payment technology.

In particular, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to leverage my 15 years of experience managing implementations and upgrades of Aderant Expert to help legal professionals build more profitable practices through the LawPay for Aderant integration.

With Aderant’s Virtual Momentum 2021 just around the corner, this seemed like the perfect time to showcase a few of the benefits of this powerful integration. Here’s a quick look at how you can maximize the LawPay for Aderant integration.

LawPay-Aderant Integration Basics

To me, the most exciting aspect of the LawPay-Aderant integration is how we’re able to extend our solution to better support your billing and payment needs by simplifying reconciliation and making it easier for you to accommodate clients who are increasingly demanding electronic payment options.

For example, LawPay captures and presents real-time outstanding invoice data securely, regardless of how your bills are distributed to help you get paid faster. Our solution also makes payment reconciliation a breeze by ensuring that 100% of the payments processed via LawPay can load into your Aderant cash receipt sessions, keeping you from having to use Import Corrector.

Taking advantage of the LawPay for Aderant integration requires no heavy lifting on your part, and you’re welcome to move at your own pace. For example:

  • Load payment and transaction data from LawPay into Aderant
  • Utilize an integrated payment page to automatically capture information
  • Fully automate the distribution of reminder statements and payment requests

And no matter how clients are submitting payments, you can review all transaction data across every client touchpoint on the Transactions page.

Making the Most of the LawPay for Aderant Integration

Developed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the LawPay for Aderant integration is designed to grow with you as you expand your firm. To learn more about this integration and what it can offer your practice, watch the walkthrough below:

If you’d like to see our Aderant integration in action, we invite you to schedule a personalized demo today!