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LawPay Helps Cohn Legal Support Entrepreneurs and Startups

Callie Hinman
Callie Hinman
November 5, 2019

After managing the startup division of Howard M. Cohn & Associates, intellectual property (IP) and trademark law attorney Abe Cohn decided it was time to start his own law practice. So earlier this year, he established Cohn Legal, PLLC, a boutique law firm in midtown Manhattan.

Abe describes the area as an “exciting place filled with all sorts of interesting people doing interesting things,” the perfect location for a law office that specializes in helping entrepreneurs, founders, and owners of startups. Plus, the firm is only a stone’s throw away from Abe’s alma mater, Cardozo School of Law, which is renowned for its IP law program.

Helping bring new ideas to life

Abe choose IP and trademark law as his practice areas because he enjoys opportunities to work with new and growing companies, assisting entrepreneurs in their pursuit of introducing innovative ideas while keeping their brand assets safe. “Each client represents a personal relationship to us,” he says. “We have a vested interest in helping each one of them follow their dreams.”

In Abe’s opinion, transparency is one of the most crucial parts of a strong attorney-client relationship. Before starting any engagement, he sets clear expectations about payments and billing, and whenever possible, he gives clients flat fee quotes in advance. “Clients really appreciate not getting surprise bills, and I think that’s a really important thing.”

A modern law practice needs modern payment processing

Abe takes a digital approach to payments in his law firm, encouraging his clients to transition away from cash and checks. “Managing payments with cash, check, wire transfer, and credit card means suddenly having four dimensions of payments, which makes it more difficult, more complicated, and more expensive for bookkeepers and accountants to manage,” says Abe. “By and large, I’m definitely moving almost entirely to digitized payments.”

Having worked with LawPay at his previous practice, there was no question for Abe about whether or not he’d use it in his new firm—not only because LawPay streamlines the way his office manages payments but also because it makes paying simpler for his clients. This is one of the aspects of LawPay Abe appreciates the most because it aligns with his dedication to making the lives of his clients easier.

A suite of powerful, user-friendly features

Along with Quick Bill and payment dashboards, LawPay’s custom payment pages are a favorite feature of Abe’s. “Clients want to pay on their own schedule,” Abe says. “I can send a link to my unique payment page and tell them ‘Hey when you’re ready, click on this link and fill out the information.’ Then they can go enter their information themselves. That flexibility is something I think appeals to many of my clients.”

The biggest benefit LawPay has offered Abe is enabling him to more easily track and manage funds. “LawPay has helped my firm in a variety of ways, but, undoubtedly, it has been most fundamentally important in keeping the firm’s finances organized and accountable.”

Overall, Abe describes his experience with LawPay as “phenomenal”. “I love it, honestly,” he says. “Everything is sensible and easy. I would recommend it to anybody.”