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LawPay Partners with Powerhouse Legal Research Tool, Casetext

Amy Mann
Amy Mann
October 29, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas (October 29, 2020) AffiniPay, the technology behind the payment solutions LawPay, CPACharge, AffiniPay for Associations and DesignPay, is excited to announce a new partnership with Casetext. This one-of-a-kind partnership brings Casetext’s comprehensive research tool together with AffiniPay’s leading brand, LawPay. This partnership is a joining of two like-minded tech companies who provide solutions for legal professionals to work smarter and faster.

Casetext makes legal research insanely easy for lawyers, at a lower price than competitors. Searching for a legal case by name or citation within Casetext is almost as easy as a Google search. Casetext recognizes that no one wants to dig through thousands of search results to find an on-point case, which is why they developed custom search filters to make sure users can find exactly what they’re looking for, in a reasonable amount of time.

In addition to making legal research easier, Casetext also offers note-taking, document-flagging, and case annotations that fine-tune the overall organization of documents collected.

“We are extremely impressed with Casetext’s technology and what their plans are for the future,” said Tom West, CEO of AffiniPay. “We are honored that Casetext recommends LawPay to its savvy users.”

Casetext is the first AffiniPay partner to embed LawPay’s merchant application into their product portal. Casetext’s users now have the easy option of signing up for a new LawPay account without needing to exit Casetext.

LawPay’s payment platform was developed specifically for lawyers with the input of state bars and their ethics committees to ensure earned and unearned legal fees are properly separated and trust accounts are protected against any third-party debiting. LawPay has 50+ ISV integrations powering payments for some of the largest professional service firms in the U.S. and Canada.

“Partnering with LawPay just makes sense for us, as we are able to provide Casetext users with a discount to use LawPay by waiving the monthly LawPay fee for six months” said Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext. “LawPay is an incredible tool in the legal industry, and it makes the payment process for lawyers much easier. We hope the partnership between our two companies will make the lives of legal professionals easier every day.”

The partnership between Casetext’s clutch legal research tool and LawPay’s quick and easy payments platform is sure to make two components of the legal process even quicker and easier.

Casetext covers the LawPay monthly subscription for six months for its users who sign up for a new LawPay account.

More information about the partnership is available at

About Casetext
Casetext makes innovative legal research tools for lawyers who take pride in doing their best work, at an affordable price. Casetext is the fastest growing and most awarded source of legal information online, and they have 40% of the AmLaw as subscribers. Founded in San Francisco, Casetext has offices in New York, Austin, Washington D.C., and Kansas City.

About AffiniPay
AffiniPay develops industry-specific online tools for legal, accounting and association professionals to accept payments quickly and securely. AffiniPay was established in Austin, Texas more than a decade ago and has become one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the United States, powering the market-leading LawPay, CPACharge and AffiniPay for Associations online payment tools. These solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 professionals with more than 150 strategic partnerships, including the American Bar Association and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Visit to learn more.