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Murphy Jones Law Increases Retention Rate and Client Base With MyCase and LawPay

Mary Elizabeth Hammond
Mary Elizabeth Hammond
September 28, 2023

“LawPay is a premium online payment service and MyCase is a premium-level legal practice management software, and to have both of those together makes this an incredible value and an incredible tool for any small law firm with the potential for growth.” – Kim Burch, Senior Paralegal, Murphy Jones Law

Practice Areas:

  • Civil litigation
  • Administrative license law
  • Professional license defense

Number of Team Members: 4

Location: Las Vegas and San Diego


  • Improve efficiency
  • Provide an elevated client experience
  • Streamline time-consuming tasks
  • Increase collection rates

Murphy Jones Law

For a small law firm, efficiency and client experience are pivotal to success. Murphy Jones Law, an experienced civil litigation and administrative/professional license law firm, was seeking an addition to its tech stack to help them streamline workflows such as reporting, payments, and client communications on a single platform. The answer? MyCase and LawPay.

We recently sat down with Kim Burch, Senior Paralegal at Murphy Jones Law, and Alynn Franclemont, Senior Legal Assistant at Murphy Jones Law, to learn about their experience with the two integrated systems.

The Benefits

Streamlined, Automated Workflows

__“We are able to scale our client base 10 times without increasing any staff.” __

Murphy Jones relies on MyCase and LawPay workflows to streamline their processes—ensuring everything is done in the most efficient manner. Alynn Franclemont commented, “In most cases, I'll apply a certain workflow that I've created previously, and all of the tasks are automated, all of the reminders are automated. It's so helpful.”

Franclemont continued, “Before MyCase's workflows, I was doing the same things over and over again. Now, every day, I can apply a workflow, and all of the tasks are automated… MyCase workflows relieve the burden of redundant tasks, and that saves our firm countless hours.

When asked how MyCase impacts their firm’s workflows, Kim Burch responded, “It reduces the burden of everybody having to know everybody else's job and puts the burden on MyCase workflows, making us more efficient.”

Murphy Jones also relies on LawPay automation to streamline payments. Burch explains, “One of our automated workflows is sending out the fee agreement with the authorization and credit card authorization along with the link to LawPay, which then gives the client the option of paying with credit card, eCheck, or Pay Later.”

She also explained that with MyCase and LawPay automation relieving the burden of manual redundant tasks, their firm was able to scale their client cases nearly tenfold without adding additional supporting staff.

Easier Client Intake and Lead Tracking

“MyCase lead tracking has helped us to focus on where we need to spend our marketing dollars… For a small firm, marketing is key.” – Kim Burch

Before Murphy Jones Law adopted MyCase, they were doing their lead tracking on their own through Microsoft Excel. Franclemont commented how her day often consisted of “keeping up with how many intakes we had” and organizing client information.

She explained why keeping client data securely in MyCase is much more convenient: “Using MyCase for lead tracking is especially helpful. Keeping everything in one software was our main issue, so using MyCase, not having to go to Google Docs and then to Excel and then to another thing, it's a lot easier.”

Beyond making their client intake process more manageable, Murphy Jones Law has also used MyCase to determine where to focus marketing efforts. Burch expands, “MyCase lead tracking has helped us to focus on where we need to spend our marketing dollars and how to target our marketing dollars. For a small firm, marketing is key, and you don't have the same big budget as some law firms.” She continues, “Being able to track your leads inside MyCase is critical for a small firm. You don't have to go to a CRM (customer relationship management) company, and they can give you this big, lengthy, expensive analysis of your market when you can do that all inside MyCase.”

Increasing Billable Hours With the Smart Time Finder

“The Smart Time Finder not only helps us keep track of billable hours, but it also helps us determine what is billable.”

The MyCase Smart Time Finder runs in the background, passively tracking all activities done within MyCase. This ensures that Murphy Jones Law captures all billable activities and maximizes profitability.

Burch explains, “With billable hours, a lot of times you'll forget to turn your timer on. Every time you pick up the phone, you're not going to hit ‘Click Timer’ because you don't know if it's going to be a junk call or anything. But when communicating within MyCase, you can track those things.”

Providing Multiple and Flexible Payment Options

“LawPay's multiple payment options definitely guarantee a higher collection rate.” – Kim Burch

Utilizing LawPay and Pay Later, Murphy Jones Law makes it easy for their clients to pay them. As Burch put it: “Before LawPay, your client had to have a physical presence to give you that payment. Now, that's not an issue anymore. All they have to do is log onto their computer or mobile phone and make a payment.”

With LawPay, Murphy Jones is able to provide several different payment options for their clients, allowing them to make a payment anytime, anywhere. “The more options you give them, the more likely you are to get paid,” comments Burch.

This variety of payment methods not only helps Murphy Jones increase their collection rate but also their retention rate. Burch explains, “With LawPay's option for credit, debit, eCheck, or Pay Later, that makes our probability of getting retained four times greater.”

As Burch mentioned, they also utilize LawPay’s Pay Later option. Pay Later powered by Affirm is a legal fee financing option that enables Murphy Jones Law to receive full payment for their services upfront while their clients pay them over time.

Burch elaborates why Pay Later is a valuable option for their clients: “The Pay Later option in LawPay is the next greatest thing to happen to the legal field. With Pay Later, we have been retained by clients who wouldn't normally be able to retain us. This opens up an entirely new client base for us.”

She continues, “Most people don't budget for legal expenses. It's usually always a surprise. LawPay’s Pay Later option gives the clients that legal budget that they wouldn't have normally.”

Franclemont also commented, “Before LawPay's Pay Later option, a lot of my job was calling and trying to chase down payments, but now our firm gets paid upfront while the client gets to pay a third-party vendor over time.”

Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Combining MyCase's comprehensive practice management tools with LawPay's versatile payment solutions, Murphy Jones Law has increased efficiency and client satisfaction. From optimizing billable hours to strategic lead tracking, Murphy Jones Law has elevated their practice. Interested to see what your firm can accomplish with these tools? Try MyCase free for 10 days and demo LawPay today.