Law Firm Spotlight

RIGHT Lawyers increase access to justice with LawPay

John Lehman
John Lehman
November 18, 2019


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, RIGHT Lawyers was founded in 2001 by Stacy Rocheleau. Stacy and her firm have more than 18 years of experience in divorce, custody, and separation. “We’re a very client-centric law firm,” says Rocheleau, who also serves as the firm’s managing partner. “When our clients first come into our office, they’re experiencing something very difficult, and may have never experienced before. They have a lot of questions, and we’re happy to provide answers to them.”

Faster, easier payments

Prior to LawPay, RIGHT Lawyers did accept credit cards, but the process was often time-consuming, both for the firm and its clients. Rock Rocheleau, Case Manager at RIGHT Lawyers, recalls, “I had to get my clients on the phone and have them read their credit card information to me. That’s taking up their time, and it's taking up my time.”

After switching to LawPay, Rock immediately discovered the value of the payment link feature. “I send it to them. They pay it. I get paid. They don’t have to get on the phone with me,” he said.. Stacy agrees that payment links have been a big hit with her clients. “Our clients really like the ability to just click a link and pay online,” said she said. “It’s very convenient for them and it makes the process seamless for us.”

Automatic payment plans

Another stand-out LawPay feature frequently used by RIGHT Lawyers is Scheduled Payments. “We are a fixed-fee law firm, so a lot of our clients are on a payment plan,” said Stacy. “We can set our clients up with Scheduled Payments, where it debits their card every month. They’re on track, we’re on track. We know how much they have due at any given time.”

Meanwhile, clients enjoy the convenience of automated bill payments. “Our clients really love it. They don’t have to get a bill that they have to remember to pay. It’s all set up automatically for them,” Stacy said.

Greater access to justice

More importantly, LawPay has allowed RIGHT Lawyers to increase the range of their services significantly. “I definitely feel that accepting credit card payments has extended our services to people that might not otherwise have the cash in their account,” Stacy remarked. “A lot of clients who are going through a divorce or a custody case may not have $3,000 or $5,000 to put down. Some divorces can be even $10,000 or more.”

Thanks to LawPay’s Scheduled Payments feature, RIGHT Lawyers can be even more client-centric. “With LawPay, we can ask for half down or a third down, put the rest on Scheduled Payments, and it just runs automatically,” Stacy said. “It’s really a feature that has enabled access to justice for a lot of these clients.”

Rock echoed Stacy’s sentiment, noting, “without Scheduled Payments, we’ve had to turn some potential clients away. Now, we feel comfortable with offering payment plans, which has helped increase our revenue.”

All in all, LawPay has proven to be an invaluable asset for a client-focused law firm like RIGHT Lawyers. As Stacy puts it, “we like giving our clients a good experience, and LawPay helps us do that.”