Alaska Bar Association now 48th state bar to offer LawPay as a member benefit

John Lehman
July 20, 2018

Austin, TX, July 20, 2018 — The team at LawPay is excited to announce that the Alaska Bar Association is the newest state bar to offer LawPay as a vetted and approved benefit to their members. Trusted by more than 50,000 legal professionals, and now 48 state bars nationwide, LawPay is the number one online payment solution for the legal industry.

The LawPay partnership will provide Alaska Bar Association members with a simple solution for accepting online payment in their firms, as well as personal account management, dedicated in-house client support, and PCI compliance at no additional cost.

In addition to being a new member benefit to members of the Alaska Bar Association, LawPay was also recently added as a member benefit by the Lancaster Bar Association in Pennsylvania, as well as the Contra Costa County Bar Association in California.

A recent study showed that, when using online payment solutions, law firms get paid 39 percent faster than traditional methods. By offering LawPay as a member benefit, these associations are taking great steps to help foster the growth and success of lawyers in their respective locations.

About LawPay

LawPay was developed specifically to provide a sophisticated payment solution for legal professionals. The LawPay platform contractually protects your client funds correctly separating earned and unearned fees and by restricting the ability of any third-party from debiting monies from a Trust or IOLTA account. LawPay is an approved Member Benefit of 48 state bars, trusted by more than 50,000 lawyers, and is the only payment solution offered through the American Bar Association Advantage program.

About the Alaska Bar Association

The Alaska Bar Association has served as the admission and disciplinary process for attorneys in the State of Alaska for over 60 years. In addition to regularly offering Continuing Legal Education covering a variety of topics, the Alaska Bar Association provides ethics counseling, referral services, quarterly newsletters and more. As of 2018, the Alaska Bar Association has over 4,000 active members.