LawPay Announces Launch of New Legal Billing Features

Keely Leonard
February 27, 2023

Austin, TX (February 27, 2023) — LawPay, the leading online payment solution for legal professionals, has announced the launch of new legal billing features that streamline time-tracking, invoicing, and payment operations. These features bridge the gap between payments and legal practice management for lawyers seeking to maximize their firms’ profitability.

The LawPay and MyCase 2022 Legal Trends Report shows levels of legal payments software increased from 13% in 2021 to 34% in 2022. As lawyers increasingly integrate technology into their firms, LawPay is uniquely designed for the legal industry to take operations to the next level, with advanced features to modernize processes across their practices.

“We built this easy-to-use solution for the lawyers who do not yet require a full practice management solution for their law firms but need to run their businesses like the professionals that they are,” said Arman Samani, CPO of AffiniPay, parent company of LawPay. “With LawPay, legal professionals can now invoice, track time, and receive payments seamlessly while maintaining compliance with legal regulations.”

LawPay will include the industry-leading features already familiar to tens of thousands of legal professionals, with added components that allow firms to manage their billing and time-tracking from start to finish.

“We’re thrilled to introduce new LawPay features to the legal market, as they are incredible software offerings that will better serve legal professionals,” said Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay, parent company of LawPay. “Our team proactively anticipated technology adoption and worked hard to bring this to life, and we are excited to provide further innovation to the legal tech industry.”

LawPay’s new legal billing features include:

  • Billing, invoicing, and trust reconciliation
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Accounts receivable dashboard
  • Contact management
  • Scheduled payments
  • Text to pay
  • Legal fee lending solution, Pay Later

This news follows the announcement of parent company AffiniPay’s acquisition of leading legal practice management software, MyCase. To sign up for a LawPay demo, head here.

About LawPay

LawPay was developed specifically to help law firms streamline billings and collections, providing a simple, secure solution for legal clients to pay their bills. LawPay is the industry leader in legal payments, providing a cost-effective solution for more than 50,000 law firms around the country. It's available through all 50 state bars, 60+ local and specialty bars and the ABA as a vetted and approved payment solution for the legal industry. LawPay is also the ALA’s Exclusive VIP Partner for Payment Processing. LawPay is a part of the AffiniPay family of brands which also includes MyCase, CASEpeer, and Docketwise. Learn more at