LawPay Introduces Next Day Payments

Keely Leonard
January 30, 2024

Austin, Texas (January 30, 2024) — LawPay, a leading online payment solution for legal professionals, has announced the launch of next day payments funding. As a key differentiator in the legal tech market, LawPay is setting a new standard allowing eligible customers to get access to incoming funds, faster.

"We are excited to announce the launch of next day payments for LawPay users, allowing quicker access to funds," said Dru Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of AffiniPay, parent company of LawPay. "We understand the importance of access to funds as our firms' businesses continue to grow. With LawPay's next day payments, firms will be able to expedite deposit timelines and experience rapid cash flow."

For legal firms, reducing the time to funds is critical as the average time between completing tasks and receiving payment is 30-60 days. LawPay's next day payments will provide eligible firms with:

  • Improved cash flow management
  • Expedited deposit timelines
  • Rapid turnaround time for transactions

The announcement comes on the heels of AffiniPay's news announcing the launch of AffiniPay IQ, AI features embedded directly within the LawPay platform. To join the waitlist for LawPay Next Day Payments, please visit here.

About LawPay

LawPay is the industry leader in legal payments with the broadest range of payment options such as Pay Later, eCheck, and surcharging. LawPay provides a cost-effective solution for more than 55,000 law firms around the U.S. and Canada. LawPay is recommended by all 50 state bars, 60+ local and specialty bars and the ABA as a vetted and approved payment solution for the legal industry. LawPay is also the ALA's Exclusive VIP Partner for Payment Processing. Learn more at