LawPay Announces Pay Later, Legal Fee Lending Solution is Now Accessible for LawPay Customers

Keely Leonard
April 19, 2022

AUSTIN, TX (April 19, 2022) -- LawPay, the leading online payment solution for legal professionals, has announced the new payment option, Pay Later, is now accessible to all customers. Previously in beta testing, Pay Later was officially announced by the leader in legal payments in September 2021.

Pay Later is exclusively available through LawPay and allows individual clients to pay for legal services over time, while firms receive 100% of their invoiced amount upfront. The Pay Later option is available for individuals that are looking for more flexibility on payments and will allow them to select the attorney they want based on their needs. With a simple application process, Pay Later users will receive an instant loan decision allowing them to proceed with legal payments.

"It [Pay Later] has been fantastic so far,” said the law firm that accepted the first Pay Later payment via LawPay. “It lets us focus on the cases without the hassle of running our own collections. We are offering this to every new client."

As the increase in online payments continues to rise, this flexible payment option through LawPay will allow law firms to:

  • Get paid faster and more predictably
  • Expand the payment options for the firm’s client base, offering flexibility when it comes to choosing how the clients pay
  • Spend more time focusing on clients, and less time on chasing payments

“[Pay Later] allows our LawPay customers to make their services more accessible to their customers by providing the ability to pay over time for services. We’ve had nearly 1,000 law firms onboarded to our beta who are now able to offer [Pay Later] to their clients, which shows the high demand of this legal fee lending solution,” said Dru Armstrong, CEO of LawPay.

Pay Later is now available to existing and new LawPay customers. For more information on how to sign-up for LawPay, visit:

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