The District of Columbia Bar to Offer New Member Benefits

The District of Columbia Bar Association partners with LawPay to provide newest benefits to its members.

Washington, D.C., July 01, 2014–The D.C. Bar has introduced its newest member benefits with the addition of LawPay Credit Card Processing. LawPay allows bar members to easily accept credit and debit cards from clients.

The LawPay partnership will provide guaranteed legal protection of trust accounts and reduced processing fees for all bar members, as well as personal account management, personal service, client support, and PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance.

LawPay gives firms the ability to separate earned and unearned fees when accepting credit cards, essentially eliminating the risk of commingling attorney and client funds. This separation keeps firms compliant with the American Bar Association and most state bar guidelines for trust accounting. The ABA and IOLTA Guidelines require attorneys to handle transactions between their trust and operating accounts correctly.

With the LawPay program attorneys can accept credit cards with confidence knowing their transactions are handled correctly. As the only payment program specifically designed for the legal industry, LawPay has the experience and knowledge to give your firm complete support.

It is critical for attorneys to handle credit card transactions between their trust and operating account correctly. As a proud new member benefit of the D.C. Bar Association, attorneys can trust their transactions to LawPay.

About the District of Columbia Bar Association

Founded in 1972, the District of Columbia Bar has been committed to representing the faces of the Washington Metropolitan area legal scene. The D.C. bar also oversees the legal profession in D.C. so that it maintains its ethical standards and Rules of Professional Conduct. Today the D.C. Bar is the second largest unified bar association in the Unites States. The D.C. bar has done an exemplary job making legal help and just readily available, improving the legal structure, and motivating lawyers to achieve greatness ethically.

About LawPay

More than just a “merchant account,” LawPay offers legal professionals an effortless way to separate earned and unearned fees to avoid trust account violations when accepting credit card payments. LawPay contractually protects client funds by restricting the ability of any third-party from debiting monies from a Trust or IOLTA account, and is the only payment provider approved and endorsed by over 90 bar associations.