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ClientCredit is the first “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) offering for the legal market and is exclusively available through LawPay. With ClientCredit, you receive the full invoiced amount at the start of an engagement while still being able to offer clients the option to split an invoice into multiple payments.


Get 100% of your fees paid upfront while allowing clients to pay over time

More Reliable Cash Flow

ClientCredit helps mitigate the risk of late and non-payments. Your firm receives the total invoiced amount upfront, and clients still have the ability to pay in installments.

Faster Payments

With traditional payment plans, you receive multiple smaller deposits. Allowing clients to use ClientCredit means you can secure your full requested amount in advance.

Better Client Acquisition

Adopting an online payment solution that enables you to offer flexible payment options such as credit, debit, eCheck, and ClientCredit instantly makes your firm more appealing to potential clients.


Improve your collection rate and decrease outstanding accounts receivable

ClientCredit enables you to easily accommodate the evolving payment preferences of modern legal clients and cut down on time spent chasing after overdue invoices.

Offer clients a more flexible payment experience

Rather than being put in the challenging position of having to find a way to pay one large lump sum, ClientCredit enables your clients to secure legal representation and still allocate funds for other expenses.

Increase your pool of prospective clients

ClientCredit opens up access to legal representation to people who want an alternative to credit cards. It’s also an attractive option for prospective clients who have a credit card but would prefer not to charge a large amount.

Spend less time on collections and more time growing your firm

Along with giving you the power to offer legal fee financing through ClientCredit, LawPay simplifies and streamlines the overall invoicing process and makes it easier for your clients to pay.

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