Securely store client credit cards with LawPay

The LawPay team is excited to announce our latest payment feature—Card Vault.

This feature allows you to collect payment details from your clients and securely store the data within your LawPay account. Once saved, you can then easily make a charge into your trust or operating account with a simple click of a button.

Card Vault gives you yet another easy way for your clients to pay. With their permission, you can charge their payment method to cover an invoice without the need to send a payment request. And with their payment method information stored in Card Vault, you can ensure your firm stays PCI Compliant by eliminating the need to write down sensitive payment data separately or store it electronically.

We’d love to hear how you feel about this latest feature. Feel free to reach out to us at any time, and tell us what features you’d like to see next.

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