Offer an exceptional client experience from the first phone call

Abby Connect, a legal reception service, empowers law firms with a suite of services to support client intake, appointment scheduling, and retention. Coupled with LawPay’s powerful billing and payment solutions, you’ll have everything you need to keep your cash flow steady and your clients smiling.

Get started by scheduling your demo today!

Get started by scheduling your demo today!

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Capture business first and keep clients engaged

Catering specifically to lawyers, Abby Connect’s team is available to answer your clients' calls and chats anytime. All day, every day. By securing a commitment at the first point of contact, you can prevent potential new clients from contacting competitors and set your firm apart. Additionally, LawPay offers Abby Connect users a simple, secure way to accept multiple online payment methods.


Client Intake—All Day, Every Day

Abby Connect's receptionists are available to welcome callers at any hour to ask your intake questions. By securing a commitment at the first point of contact, you can make a great impression and prevent new clients from contacting your competitors.

Top Notch Custom Services

For a lawyer receptionist service, one size does not fit all. Abby Connect builds custom solutions to cater to the unique needs of individual firms, including phone answering, bilingual support, live chat, outbound calls, and much more.

Dedicated Receptionist Team

The receptionists at Abby Connect are a handpicked, expert team. You and your clients will become very familiar with the receptionist answering your calls—reflecting your firm’s custom and curated experience.

Best-in-Class Payment Options

Abby Connect Receptionists are fully equipped to process your clients’ payments through LawPay on your behalf. Give your clients a simple, secure way to pay your invoices 24/7, without chaining yourself to the phone.