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LawPay and Best Case Leads are working together to help lawyers find more clients, get paid for their work, and grow their practice.

Real-time, exclusive legal leads targeting all practice areas

Best case leads is the legal industry's lead generation powerhouse. Exclusive and real time leads are targeted by practice area and location, and are available with no contracts. All leads are high quality, generated using their strict standards. By partnering with both Best Case Leads and LawPay, lawyers can not only bring more clients through their doors, but ensure that collecting payment from these clients is as fast and easy as possible.


Real-time leads with no contract

Best Case Leads sends you exclusive, real-time leads with no contracts required. Take advantage of live phone call transfers to ensure you're able to connect with a lead immediately as it comes in.

Focused targeting

You'll only receive leads that are relevant to the work you're looking to take on. Best Case Leads targets potential clients for your firm by location and practice area to ensure the leads you're getting are the ones you want to work.

Affordable, high quality leads

Best Case Leads applies the strictest of standards to ensure you're getting consistent, high-quality leads that you can build your business on.

Simple online payments

Getting clients in the door is half the battle—getting them to pay you for your work is the other. With LawPay, clients have a simple, secure way to pay for your services immediately for improved cash flow and revenue growth.

How LawPay works for you

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  •  Straightforward, competitive pricing
  •  No set-up or cancellation fees
  •  No equipment or swipe needed
  •  Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  •  Expert in-house support
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Best Case Leads is the premier Attorney Lead Generation Powerhouse, offering lawyers leads for every practice area. Exclusive and real time leads are targeted by practice area and location, and the service is available with no contracts. All leads are pre-screened to ensure the highest quality and are generated using the strictest standards. Best Case Leads not only partnered with LawPay, the gold standard when it comes to lawyers collecting payments, but uses LawPay itself when charging lawyers.

Fadi Agour, J.D.
CEO & Founder, Best Case Leads