LawPay provides Clio users with powerful billing and payment tools

The LawPay and Clio integration allows users to streamline their billing workflows and enable secure online payments within the Clio app.

With LawPay, users can separate earned and unearned fees into operating and trust accounts in accordance with professional and state bar trust accounting guidelines.

In Partnership with LawPay:

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LawPay helps Clio users get paid faster and more reliably

LawPay empowers Clio users to offer their clients a modern, convenient payment experience that helps them get paid faster. With LawPay’s flexible, proprietary payment technology, Clio users can take advantage of an online payment solution that allows their clients to easily and securely pay by credit card, debit card, and eCheck from anywhere. Trusted by 50,000 law firms, LawPay is the leader in legal payments.

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Improve your cash flow

Reduce the risk of late and non-payments by making it easy for clients to pay with multiple flexible payment options

Easily maintain IOLTA compliance

LawPay ensures earned and unearned fees are properly separated and IOLTA accounts are protected against third-party debiting

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline your billing process by simply sending an email from Clio with a PDF copy of the bill and a secure LawPay payment link

Get up and running quickly

LawPay makes accepting credit cards easy and you can start enjoying faster payments immediately

How it works for your firm

LawPay—Powering payments for the legal industry

  • Competitive pricing
  • Two plans to choose from
  • No equipment or swipe needed
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
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I can use LawPay any time of the day or night. My clients can pay me from the comfort of their homes and they don't have to worry about mailing.

John R.
Clio User and LawPay Advisory Board Member