Enjoy one full-featured payment solution with LawPay for EasyEviction

LawPay’s secure payment technology integrates seamlessly with EasyEviction to provide you with powerful eviction management tools and powerful billing and payment resources in one complete solution.

With LawPay, EasyEviction users can offer their clients a secure and convenient way to make payments online, helping them get paid faster and more reliably.

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Secure online payments for EasyEviction users

EasyEviction is an eviction management platform that automates your eviction workflow while empowering you with robust communication and reporting tools. Plus, LawPay’s payment technology provides EasyEviction users with the tools they need to handle evictions more efficiently while simplifying the payment process for clients by allowing them to pay securely by credit card or eCheck.

EasyEviction dashboard


Integrated Online Payments

LawPay empowers EasyEviction users to easily and securely accept client payments online via credit card, debit card, and eCheck within one platform.

All-in-one Management

EasyEviction is a full-featured eviction management platform that provides all the tools required by attorneys to process evictions in a timely manner while staying connected to clients.

Custom Workflows

With EasyEviction and LawPay, attorneys have the ability to set up customizable workflows for different jurisdictions or court case types.

Document Generation

Users can set up custom documents to be filled automatically with client-submitted eviction information, making it easy to generate complete court and other legal documents.

What this integration means for you

Take advantage of industry-leading technology from EasyEviction and LawPay

  • Transparent pricing
  • No cancellation fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
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LawPay revolutionizes how users are paid on EasyEviction. The simple integration process connecting LawPay accounts with EasyEviction means attorneys can start accepting online payments for invoices in under five minutes. Once integrated, attorneys can have the peace of mind knowing their clients can pay their invoices in nearly any way they wish on a secure and highly trusted platform.

Alex Sukhodolsky
CEO, EasyEviction