Let your clients pay your invoice by text with Kenect and LawPay

Thanks to Kenect’s integration with LawPay, legal professionals can now send invoices and accept client payments via text message, while maintaining IOLTA compliance.

Send your clients a payment request via text message and get paid faster using the technology modern clients prefer with Kenect and LawPay.

In Partnership with LawPay:

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Modern payment options for modern legal professionals

Kenect is a business texting provider that makes it easy for professional service providers to connect with their clients, streamline their communications, and capture payments. And now with integrated payments through LawPay, Kenect can assist legal professionals with online payments, intake, and live-video chats—all through text messaging.


Business texting

Kenect allows you to text your clients from a business number, eliminating the need to give out your personal cell phone number.

Increase your reviews

Kenect has found that customers are 35–45 percent more likely to leave a review if they receive a request via text messaging as opposed to email.

Modern communication

With Kenect Video Chat, you can easily communicate with your clients wherever you are with a safe, modern chat solution.

Faster legal payments

Integrated payments through LawPay allows legal professionals to accept credit card and debit card payments via text messaging.

What this integration means for you

Take advantage of mobile payments from Kenect and LawPay

  • Transparent pricing
  • No setup or cancellation fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
Laptop showing partner technology

Kenect is excited to lend their text-based payment platform to the #1 online payment solution for the legal industry. Today’s consumers read text messages far more often than emails; as much as 98% of consumers read a new text message within 3 minutes of receiving them. With LawPay and Kenect, legal professionals can expect to see their invoices read and paid 85 percent faster and collect on far more of their late invoices.

Shaun Sorensen