Manage Every Aspect of Your Firm's Finances With Ease

Simplify and expedite your invoicing process—from creation, delivery, and collections to reconciliation—with Oddr and LawPay. Oddr’s revolutionary “Invoice to Cash” management platform flawlessly integrates with LawPay's advanced online payment platform, providing a comprehensive financial solution designed to boost law firm profitability.

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Enjoy a Seamless Billing Experience With Oddr + LawPay

Seamless payments are the cornerstone of an efficient invoicing process. Oddr’s management platform is crafted specifically to streamline and simplify the legal billing lifecycle. Together, Oddr and LawPay offer powerful features such as streamlined billing, efficient collections, integrated payment solutions, and workflow automation.


Unparalleled Transparency

Tracking and traceability give you insight and control over each invoice, allowing better management of cash payment cycles.

Faster Payments, Enhanced Client Experience

Reduce the time it takes for funds to become available in your account while providing a smooth client payment experience.

Advanced Analytics

Oddr's AI-driven platform offers unique insights, enabling the sophisticated forecasting vital for monitoring and improving your business.

Best-in-class Payments

Integrate with LawPay to automate and accurately reconcile payments, ensuring a smoother invoicing journey.

Seamless payments are the cornerstone of an efficient [invoice process]. Through Oddr platform and integration with LawPay, law firms can elevate the client experience significantly.

Milan Bobde
CEO and Co-founder