Reliable products now fully integrated to make billing and accepting payment easier for attorneys and firm administrators

The Tabs3 and LawPay integration provides electronic processing of credit card and eCheck transactions in Tabs3 Billing Software and Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software for payments and deposits.

LawPay ensures Tabs3 users can accept payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

In Partnership with LawPay:

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Feature-rich software specifically designed for law firms, backed by top-tier support.

Tabs3 Software has been used in law firms for more than 40 years. Put Tabs3 Billing to use when you need tools to get bills out faster. It can be used on its own or alongside PracticeMaster and Tabs3 Financials for complete firm management. With the LawPay integration, it’s now even easier for Tabs3 clients to accept card and eCheck payments and get paid without the worry of commingling accounts.


Spend less time billing

Send email statements and shrink the time you would usually spend on printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, addressing, and sending statements in the mail.

Get paid faster

Import payments in a few clicks rather than entering payments or depositing funds at the bank. With Tabs3 and LawPay, you can email statements to clients. Once they've paid using the payment portal you can import the payments and you're done. Accepting payments online also gives your clients fast, secure payment options, which means you spend less time on collections.

Customize Tabs3 for your firm

Tabs3 works closely with clients and industry experts to develop software that is customizable to fit the way your law firm works. Advanced compensation rules, billing rate flexibility, advanced reporting, and more will help you bill faster and manage your firm.

Leverage the industry standard

Since 1979 Tabs3 has been a leader in legal technology. Its reliability is trusted, its features are easy-to-use and beyond matter management, firms benefit from accurate reporting and a commitment to data security.

How LawPay works for you

Get the most out of LawPay and Tabs3

  • Straightforward, competitive pricing
  • No set-up or cancellation fees
  • No equipment or swipe needed
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
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Partnering with LawPay helps firms using Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Trust Accounting quickly and securely accept payments, which allows our clients to focus on practicing law and not on collections. LawPay was also developed specifically for lawyers to properly handle trust accounts and ensure compliance. For more than 40 years Tabs3 Software has provided reliable software and trusted service to law firms. We are excited to continue that tradition with our partnership with LawPay.

Dan Berlin
President and CEO at Tabs3