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The Modern Firm is a legal web design and online marketing company, offering everything a small firm needs to succeed online in one place. Having worked with more than 800 small firms, The Modern Firm understands how law firms operate, grow, and succeed. By trusting The Modern Firm and LawPay, the experts in legal payments, law firms have access to everything they need to grow their business and get paid quickly and easily.


Website design

The Modern Firm provides lawyers with customized, mobile friendly, web-optimized websites by either creating a new design or rescuing and revitalizing their existing site.

Content writing

The more quality content a firm publishes to their website, the better. The Modern Firm works with experienced attorney-writers to create unique, compelling content for your site.


Through marketing partnerships, The Modern Firm teaches lawyers how to do the things they can't outsource and provides them with sensible services for the things they shouldn't spend their time doing.

Easy online payments

LawPay provides a proven solution for collecting online payments. LawPay was developed specifically for the legal industry to correctly separate earned and unearned fees and protection of IOLTA accounts.

How LawPay works for your firm

The proven online payment solution for lawyers

  •  Straightforward, competitive pricing
  •  No set-up or cancellation fees
  •  No equipment or swipe needed
  •  Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  •  Expert in-house support
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LawPay makes the likelihood of getting paid so much higher because clients don’t have to take out money or find their checkbook—They can pay for my services with just the click of a button.

Damian J. Turco