Improve attorney-client communication by providing clients mobile access to the information they want

Together with LawPay, Your Firm App clients can confidently view and pay bills directly from their phone, anytime and anywhere.

Communication, information sharing, and accepting online payments have never been easier - all in a custom-branded application.

In Partnership with LawPay:

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Everything your client needs in the palm of their hand

Designed by a lawyer, for lawyers, Your Firm App gives firms of all sizes a powerful communication tool for iOS and Android devices. With a custom app branded for their firm, attorneys can improve client communication through direct messaging, document management, client task lists, real-time matter calendar updates for clients, and timely bill payment, powered by LawPay. Give your clients the modern legal experience they've been waiting for with Your Firm App.

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Custom firm branding

Branded with your logo, contact information, and identity, you can give your clients all the information and communication tools they want the way they want it.

Powerful matter information

Ensure your clients are always up-to-speed on their case with real-time push notifications and messaging, matter calendaring, document management and uploads, and task management.

Instant billing information

Clients will instantly receive bills that are awaiting payment without requiring any action from the attorney. And with Your Firm App's seamless integration with LawPay, clients can pay immediately from wherever they are.

Practice management integration

Your Firm App gives clients all of the resources and communication tools they want, but your firm can continue using the same practice management solutions you're accustomed to, like Clio.

How LawPay works for your firm

The proven online payment solution for lawyers

  • Straightforward, competitive pricing
  • No set-up or cancellation fees
  • No equipment or swipe needed
  • Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
  • Expert in-house support
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Clients love to pay by credit card and that makes it really easy for us. No billing hassles, zero receivables after about a year in the business. LawPay is where to go.

Andrew Kucera