Boiled Up in Boilerplate Contract Provisions: Creating Careful Contracts

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Claude E. Ducloux, Board-Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Civil Appellate Law, by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and former Chair of the Texas Center for Legal Ethics will present a 60-minute webinar covering the dangers of using “my old form” for standard contract provisions, and discuss numerous ethical situations and implication of negligent drafting. This presentation will include:

· Defining boilerplate, examples, and usage; · Strategies for ensuring that both the lawyer and client understand the effects; · The necessity for consideration if additional provisions expand duties; · The danger of choice of law provisions; · Torts under choice of law · Use of waivers, and additional dispute resolution requirements, like arbitration; · Defining damages, consequential and otherwise, profits, and indemnity; · Ruined by severability clause of merger clauses to change the agreement; · Ethical rules and specific ethical situations related to contracts · Strategies to protect yourself and final advice · Best practices

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