Effective Communications: A Lawyers Key to Positive Outcomes - Resonating with Different Generations

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This CLE presentation discusses the importance of effective communication for lawyers and how it varies across different generations. It categorizes American generations and provides information about the traits, preferred communication methods, and population share of each generation. It examines defining events, preferred sources of information, communication styles, and key traits for each. The importance of understanding how communications are received by different generations is emphasized. It also discusses challenges related to jury instructions, multitasking, and generational biases, and offers communication strategies for lawyers, including adapting to clients' preferred communication methods, providing written summaries of discussions, emphasizing the importance of prompt communication, and acknowledges the changing landscape of clients, with Generation X becoming more prevalent among general counsels, and suggests addressing the trust issues that older generations may have with younger leaders. The presentation highlights the significance of effective communication in the legal profession and the importance of understanding and adapting to the communication preferences of different generations of clients.

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