I’ve Got Your Back! – Understanding, Drafting and Enforcing Indemnity Provisions

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Join LawPay's Director of Education, Claude Ducloux, for a 60-minute presentation covering:

  • The purposes of indemnity clauses, and how they differ from hold harmless, guaranty, and surety;
  • Three types of agreements usually requiring indemnity;
  • The three “components” of an indemnity claim;
  • Examples and forms for numerous options, conditions, or alternatives;
  • Understanding terminology: caps, baskets, and threshholds;
  • The importance of clear “causation” clauses (“due to” or “arising out of”);
  • Understanding what “damages” will include;
  • How waivers can work in indemnity;
  • The Express Negligence Doctrine; and
  • Fair notice requirements
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